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Sean Buckley | Ultra Tune

Ultra Tune: Making Vehicles more Reliable with Comprehensive Auto Services

In this busy, ever-changing world, everyone expects their daily commute to be an uninterrupted driving experience. For hassle free driving, it is necessary to ensure […]

Project Listings

Doug Dickison | Founder & Chairman | Destination Athlete
Destination Athlete: Leaders in the Youth Sports Industry

It goes without saying that the size of sports market of present day is vast, where tens of millions of youths playing sports every day. […]

Daniel Lattanzio | Sr. VP of Franchise Development | WSI
WSI: Providing Digital Marketing Solutions to Over 100,000 Businesses Worldwide for More than 2 Decades

The internet has completely altered the face of business. Gone are the days when Yellow Pages, television, newspaper, and radio advertising ruled a company’s media budget. Today, businesses […]

Keith Larson | VP of Consumer & Franchise Marketing | Zen Massage®
Zen Massage®: Reinventing the Retail Massage Business Model

Managing health conditions and enhancing wellness are growing priorities in people’s lives. Consumers and the medical community alike are embracing massage as part of a comprehensive wellness journey; it is also increasingly […]

Alesia Visconti | CEO | FranServe Inc.
FranServe Inc.: Providing Assistance at Every Step

Even for a motivated entrepreneur, starting a business from scratch includes a lot of risks. Instead of starting a business, one can consider franchising before entering in the realm of entrepreneurship. Providing […]