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Mark Wright | President & CEO | Targetbase - Insights Success

Targetbase: Putting Customer Intelligence at the Core

Consumers are using technology more than ever before, and they generate an ocean of data every day. Most brands understand the importance of collecting that data but lack an […]

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Traits to Possess the Best Enterprise Security - Insights Success
Traits to Possess the Best Enterprise Security

The founders occasionally forget about implementing important fundamentals of security and start running after shining technology. The security budgets are limited, so they need to […]

Spatial Intelligence
“Spatial Intelligence”, Making Inroads into Different Sectors

Whether moving in a driverless car or deliver an e-commerce product at customers doorstep. “Location” plays an important role. There is a significant dimension of […]

The Digital Phase of Document Management Solutions - Insights Success
The Digital Phase of Document Management Solutions

Since the inception of cloud strategies, that brought the ability to store and access data at anywhere, and any time, the concepts such as Time […]

Eliad Saporta | Managing Director | Coriunder - Insights Success
Backend-As-A-Service for Payments-As-A-Service

The growth of the Fintech ecosystem brought with it an influx of Payment Service Providers (PSP). These new arrivals are changing the way the industry […]

Indy Sarker | CEO | ANALEC - Insights Success
ANALEC: Helping Clients Boost Competitiveness and Productivity

ANALEC is a leading global financial technology company that empowers broker-dealers and banks to their investment research and client servicing functions with greater efficiencies and better customer engagement. The company combines […]

Nisith Naik | CEO | Centra Technologies - Insights Success
Centra Technologies: Facilitating Superior Customer Service through Centra CRM

The success of a business is driven by the relationship it maintains with its customer base. Clients do not need to work too hard to learn about a business […]

Keith Norris | CEO & Founder | Complete XRM - Insights Success
Complete XRM: Building a Culture of Productivity TM

Every business unit relies on creating and maintaining longterm relationship with its customers to raise its stability in today’s cut-throat market. Customer expectations are not limited to the products or services […]

Harish Kumar Saraf | CEO & Founder | Nippon Data Systems Limited - Insights Success
Nippon Data System: Spearheading a new wave of Transformation in the CRM Software Development Space

As businesses seek higher returns on their marketing budgets, their investments in sales and service programs and customer relationship management (CRM) software is seeing dramatic growth. Modern enhanced offerings including data analytics […]

Brian Tenney | CEO | JourneyTEAM - Insights Success
JourneyTEAM: Microsoft’s Go-to-Partner for Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power BI — in the Cloud

The digital world is advancing at amazing speed — and it’s all connected to the cloud. To succeed, business leaders must embrace digital transformation and […]

Chad Hogan | Senior Vice President | AgentCubed - Insights Success
AgentCubed: CRM Software Solution Specifically Designed for Insurance

Data is a crucial component to a successful sales operation.  Insurance carriers and agencies rely on data to manage marketing spend, track agent performance, nurture […]

David Sroka | President & CEO | Point of Reference Inc. - Insights Success
Point of Reference: Pioneer of Cutting-Edge Native Salesforce Solutions for Customer Reference Management

In the software industry, customer references are vital for revenue growth, but at the same time, the reference request can become a big hassle and […]

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence has Started Resonating in CRM Industry - Insights Success
Impacts of Artificial Intelligence has Started Resonating in CRM Industry

Cloud computing has changed the face of customer management by providing every SMB’s an opportunity to unify data and communication platform without investing heavily on […]

Rajiv Saran Sharma | CEO | Virgosys - Insights Success
How AI and Machine Learning Transforming Human Lives

Innovation and technology has exploded over the past couple of years and India has seen the boom of startups especially coming up leaps and bounds in Bangalore, […]