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Paolo Ramadori,CEO,Maccaferri | Insights Success

Maccaferri: Engineering Better Solutions for Construction-Tech World

The story of global construction-tech industry is becoming more interesting day by day. Engineering and Construction sector (E&C) is witnessing fluctuations in numerous ways which […]

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How is technology going to transform the financial sector

Fintech (Finance + Technology) is one of most significant trends in the world. Transformational technologies, such as smartphones, smartwatches, blockchain, P2P network, cryptography, machine learning […]

Gianni Minetti | President & CEO | Paradox Engineering SA | Insights Success
Blockchain: The Next Opportunity for Better, Safer, Smarter Cities

Today, about 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, but this share is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Combined with the […]

Kenny Ingram ,Global Industry Director,IFS | Insights Success
IFS: Modernizing the Construction World through Prominent Software Solutions

The technological advancements and software applications in various industrial sectors have been increasing at a shocking speed. New innovations are being adopted to streamline the […]

IrisVR: Reinforcing the Construction Industry through Prompt Virtual Reality

Technology is increasingly becoming a driving force in the construction industry – an industry in dire need of a solution to solve the stagnant productivity […]

Prescient: Digitally Transforming the Construction Industry

“An infrastructure developed with innovation, will seldom crumble. But will unquestionably sustain life.” The above quote elucidates the prominence of innovation or the inclusion of […]

WeatherBuild: Delivering Intelligent Weather Enabled Decision Support

The construction industry is continuously impacted by frequent fluctuations occurring in the climate and with the weather. To fight these adverse weather conditions, technological innovations […]

Eco-friendly Strategies for a Better Tech-enabled Construction World

Today, the national and global economies are on a consistent booming pathway. There is an upsurge in the use and implementation of cutting-edge technology in […]

Product Life Cycle Management Technology Transforming the Construction World

In the modern global economy, the construction enterprises have to face several challenges to streamline processes; increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same […]