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“The Future is renewable energy”

Cover Page | The 10 Best In Class Smart Grid Tech Solution Providers 2018 [ Insights Success ]

Organizations that are changing the way we live

With the growing pollution from the non-renewable resources, smart grid engineering is the key for a beneficial use of widespread energy resources, it is a modernized electrical grid that uses analog or digital information and communications technology. Renewable energy itself is a vast area of research, thanks to its easy availability and a nature that is completely environment friendly. So, in the issue of “The 10 Best-In-Class SMART GRID Tech Solution Providers, 2018”, we have highlighted some of the most renowned organizations around the world which are working round the clock to provide best in class smart grid solutions………..
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The 10 Best-In-Class SMART GRID Tech Solution Providers 2018

Prasanth | Gopalakrishnan | President, CEO & Founder| Kalkitech [ Insights Success ]

Kalkitech: Delivering Smart Grid Technology Globally

The global surge in electricity consumption has created a dire need for smart, adaptive power grids. One company committed to providing smart grid technology solutions is Kalkitech. Founded in 1998, the company has developed a prolific technology portfolio of products for power generation,...
Matt | Duesterberg | CEO & Co-founder | OhmConnect [ Insights Success ]

OhmConnect: Connecting Smart Energy Grids with Homes

The average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential customer in 2016 was 10,766 kilowatt-hours (kWh), an average of 897 kWh per month. This gigantic consumption of energy leads to the construction of more energy grids which, in turn, lead to...
Dr. Jemma Green | Co-founder & Chairman | Power Ledger [ Insights Success ]

Power Ledger: Transforming the World by Trading Renewable Energy

The idea of ‘trading’ renewable energy has created an additional factor other than conservation of environment, which instigates consumers to voluntarily use renewable energy. A recognized platform that has enabled consumers to conduct direct trade of renewable energy is Power Ledger.  The software...
Simon Bushell | CEO & Founder | Sympower [ Insights Success ]

Sympower: Creating a Sustainable Grid through Demand Management

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face as a planet today, and fossil-fueled power plants are a major source of that problem. Electricity supply and demand must be balanced at all times...
Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos | CEO & Chairman | ZOME Energy Networks [ Insights Success ]

ZOME Energy Networks: A Smarter Way to Optimize Distributed Energy Resources

ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.was selected as a Top 10, Best in Class vendor because of its advanced Distributed Energy Resource Optimization software and the team behind their solution. The company offers a wide-scale, device-independent, platform solution that includes cloud software, algorithms, and API’s...

ETAP: Powering the Smart Grid

In the electric power sector, the demand to take proactive action rather than simply reacting to events after they happen is requiring intelligent applications to provide realtime predictive power system simulation, optimization and automation....

SmartWorks: Unleashing the Power of your Data

The world’s rapidly growing appetite for energy and water resources has left existing utility infrastructure inefficient, increasingly unreliable and costly to maintain. As demand for these commodities grow, the utility industry has seen enormous...

Limejump: Connecting Energy Trade with Big Data

Smart grid technology is emerging as the most exciting new dimension in the power industry. Businesses are switching to innovative smart grid tech solutions because it allows utilities to better control supply, which means...

CXO Standpoint

Dr._Karl Kolmsee | CEO | Smart Hydro Power [ Insights Success ]

Be Smart – or Vanish Why Utilities need to actively develop smart Micro-Grids

The energy market is changing rapidly. This is true not only for the USA and Europe but on a global level. Possibly the most important change is the one towards more decentralized systems. This is challenging the utility industry. Utilities historically...


e-mobility and SmartGrid [ Insights Success ]

E-Mobility: Pioneering Transportation with Smart Grid

The electric automobile is associated with the integration of transportation, which is resulted according to the customer needs. Customer demands are initiated towards renewable energies in terms of a zero-emission and sustainable mobility. The...

Digi Connection

Digi Connection| Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids [ Insights Success ]

Benefits of Blockchain in the making of Smarter Energy Grids

Human beings have always looked up to nature and made efforts to learn from its basic principles. Sonars were inspired by dolphins, light bulbs by fireflies, suction cups by octopus and robots itself to...