Cover Story

Telmo Silva, founder & CEO of ClicData & Hélène Clary, Co-founder & Director of Sales(Europe)

ClicData: Empowering Businesses to Scale Intelligently

With the constant evolution of technology, entrepreneurs are realizing that they need to become more data-driven to stay competitive. Impactful decision-making without data on hand […]

Project Listings

Ashish Tanna, COO & Co-founder of Aureus Analytics
Aureus Analytics: The Right Technology to Grow your Business

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future virtually for every industry and every human being. AI and ML have acted as the main driver of emerging […]

Rajesh Viswanath, Global Lead for Analytics at SG Analytics
SG Analytics: Venturing to Go Beyond Excellence

The leading business intelligence solution providers cater to their clients’ requirements with better planning and analysis options along with increased accuracy. These companies help their […]