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SupPlant: Helping the World Grow More Food while Saving on Valuable Resources

Sustainable development is centralized around the nexus of three elements ─ water, food and energy. With the world population expected to grow from a little over 7 billion today, to 8 billion by 2025, demands for all these three elements are increasing at an irresistible rate. Furthermore, our world and our societies are inordinately water-hungry, while the occupation of agriculture being the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources. An unprecedented growth in the number of humans to feed, decrease in resources like fresh water and………….
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The 10 Best Agro Solution Providers To Watch 2017

Shami Patel | Chief Executive Officer | LumiGrow, Inc- Insights Success

LumiGrow: Offering Smart Horticultural Lighting Solutions

In recent years, profound advancements have been made in the science and technology of lighting for plants. Research and commercial validation over the past 10 years have shown that plant morphology, yields, flavor, nutrition,...
Eli Shalmon | International Marketing Manager & Co-founder | Pelemix LTD - Insights Success

Pelemix: A Global Agronomic Support and Marketing Network

Coir is used across the globe as a medium of growing various crops : vegetables, soft fruits , nurseries, plant propagation, and finally bedding plants both in its pure form and in many specialized...
Maarten Vandecruys | CEO | Urban Crop Solutions - Insights Success

Urban Crop Solutions: Redefining Agriculture and Creating Milestones in the Indoor Vertical Farming industry

Ever since the invention of agriculture, humans have been rediscovering innovative ways of farming and finding out modern techniques to make both harvesting of crop and human lives easier. Like the agriculture industry, the...
Adrian Bell | Founder | Agro Mavens - Insights Success

Agro Mavens: Assimilating Industrial Knowledge and Disseminating Market Insights

The type of economy we live is aptly referred to as the market economy because no matter how many other factors you introduce to a commercial process, the market will always be the final...
David Rosenberg | Co-Founder & CEO | AeroFarms - Insights Success

AeroFarms: The Methodologists of Sustainable & Controlled Agriculture

Famine... or feast? Soil... or aeroponics? According to the figures estimated by the UN, 9.7 billion hungry human beings will be living on planet Earth by 2050. We will need to produce more food in...

CXO Standpoint

Innovative Food And Beverages ‘From Farm To Fork’

From strict regulatory requirements, increased consumer awareness, market consolidation and more complex supply chains, food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers face constant challenges today to deliver innovative products more efficiently to the retail market and...

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Agroforestry: A Solution for Degrading Landscapes - Insights Success

Agroforestry: A Solution for Degrading Landscapes

Managing a land in which plants and trees are grown around or among the crops to create more diverse, productive, healthy, ecologically sound, and sustainable land-use systems is Agroforestry. It takes farming beyond food...

Tech Agro

Future Technologies to upsurge the Agriculture Sector - insights Success

Future Technologies to upsurge the Agriculture Sector

The Emergence of Agriculture is the most effective step towards civilization. However the agriculture or farming was merely dependent on human’s physical strength till the industrial revolution. The industrial influence in agriculture not just...

Tech Powered

Tech Powered - Insights Success

Fraternization of Technology and Agriculture

In the second half of the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century, a technological revolution in farming led by advances in sensing and robotics technologies looks set to disrupt traditional...