Cover Story

Sue Hayter, Founder of Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd

Sue Hayter: A Prominent Name in the Finance Industry

Working as a mortgage broker mentor in the male dominated Australian mortgage broking financial services industry which has less than 25% women has certainly been […]

Project Listings

Ángela Álvarez, Founder of Aglaia Capital
Ángela Álvarez: Leading a New Generation of Corporate Finance

There is plenty of evidence that supports the link between having more women in business leadership positions and higher profitability. Yet, we see the outnumbering […]

Helene Li, General Manager at FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK)
Helene Li: A Profound Leader Powering Hong Kong’s Sustainable Finance and FinTech Community

Sustainable finance is the need of the hour, and ensuring sustainable finance is the key parameter to success in the finance sector. With that being […]

Cecilia Repinski, CEO of Green Assets Wallet
Cecilia Repinski: Driving the Credible Transition of Capital Markets

With changing trends in the capital market, impact investing has started gaining momentum in the past few years, as it drives social and environmental progress […]

Liz Miller: Simplifying the Financial Lives of People

Having an enriching experience of 30+ years in the finance industry, Liz Miller, CFP®, CFA, is the epitome of visionary leadership. Liz serves as the […]