Testim: The Ultimate AI Test Automation Platform

In today’s competitive environment, time to market and exceptional user experience is the key to growing your business. Quick example: Visiting a branch – out. Online banking – in. Banks that have yet to embrace digital methods of servicing their customers are lagging. However, providing compelling and bug-free user experiences is not easy. Quality assurance takes time while competition it breathing down your neck. Historically organizations had to trade off time-to-market, quality and cost. Not anymore. Continuously testing your product ensures that bugs are detected early in the development process, reducing cost and shortening time to triage and fix. Many organizations achieve weekly, daily and even hourly releases with continuous testing. Doing so requires a stable test automation suite that your development team can trust.

Manual software testing is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer, carefully going through application screens, trying various usage and input combinations, comparing the results to the expected behavior, and recording the observations. While performing this exploration, there are tests that often need to be repeated during development cycles due to constant source code changes, multiple operating systems and versions, environments, integrations, and hardware configurations.

Testim’s AI can learn from and with a manual software tester to create a functional automated testing solution that can execute predefined actions, compare the results to the expected behavior and report the success or failure of these tests to development teams. Once automated tests have been created, they can easily be repeated simultaneously and extended to perform tasks at scale that would be very difficult to do manually.

Automated software testing has long been considered critical, but is often thought to be too expensive or difficult for companies to implement. Additionally as development methodologies, languages and programming techniques are constantly evolving, making it challenging for manual testing to keep up. When you take into account the pressure from customer demand and market competition, balancing quality with fast release cycles is a daunting task.

Global engineering teams require a platform which can make testing autonomous and communication seamless allowing them to achieve their software quality goals. Testim is a world leader in software quality that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate mobile and web testing. Testim’s AI learns from each test run, minimizing the time spent on test maintenance due to unstable tests.

Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in the U.S. and Israel, Testim supports hundreds of companies delivering some of the most innovative and complex software used by millions of people every day.

Industry Challenges 

As software code is constantly changing, existing tests frequently break. Developers and QA end up spending a significant amount of time trying to figure out if the test broke or if it was a problem in the functionality in the software. Testim uses artificial Intelligence (AI) underneath the hood, which provides self-healing maintenance i.e., problems are detected by the AI and is automatically fixed without human intervention.

Many companies approached the challenge of QA automation by focusing on simplifying authoring using GUI-based play and record. Testim uses AI to minimize the amount of maintenance it requires to create stable tests. It’s refreshing approach is focused on solving issues related to authoring, stability, reusability, extensibility, maintenance and reporting. It also provides features to ease the process of troubleshooting and CI/CD integration which are common challenges in test automation.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

Testim provides a test automation platform that uses AI to speed the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated tests. Testim’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns your application so even if your developers change the application, Testim’s AI learns the changes and adapts the tests accordingly. This leads to more stable tests. As a result, the authoring and execution of automated tests are much faster and results are more reliable. Also, this helps to solve the biggest bottleneck for CI/CD integration which is maintaining automated tests.

Customers can build their own testsin minutes. Testim’s customers benefit from the ability to increase test coverage quickly without having to add more resources and better visibility into the status and quality of their testing efforts. The end result is higher quality software, released faster with less risk. Testim customers have seen x10 increase in productivity at no additional cost, which means your development team can focus on developing new features faster than fixing bugs.

A Resourceful Leader 

Oren Rubin, Founder and CEO of Testim have 21 years’ experience in the software industry. Oren has developed test-related products for developers at IBM, Wix, Cadence, Applitools, and Testim.io.

In addition to being a busy entrepreneur, Oren is a community activist and the co-organizer of the Selenium-Israel meet-up and the Israeli Google Developer Group meet-up. He has been a professor at Technion University, and has even mentored at the Google Launchpad Accelerator.

While describing Oren’s leadership, Testim’s President and COO, ShaniShoham says, “Many investors have articulated the qualities of a great team and, more importantly, a great founder. It is difficult to define one until you meet one. Oren is that kind of founder. He has spent the past two decades living and breathing the problem which Testim is trying to solve. He experienced the challenges of agile transformation and built an amazing product based on his unique insights.”

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