Systweak Software: An Iconic Utility and Gaming App Developer

Systweak Software has established itself as one of the leading IT service and solutions providers. The company was founded in 1999 and is currently based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In its short journey,Systweak has received several honors including the prestigious “100 Most Promising Microsoft Service Providers” recently.

Encouraged by widespread recognition and users spread across North America, Europe, UK and several countries in Asia, the company continuously strives to make consumer tech and digital devices more user-friendly, thus bridging the gap between developers and users.

A Vision with a Rare Insight

The founder of Systweak Software, Mr. Shrishail Rana has been instrumental to this organization’s success for more than 19 years of its existence. It was his idea to provide various resources to PC users, so they could easily optimize and maintain their computers, removing the barrier of a technical expertise.

His leadership provided the stepping stone for Systweak to expand beyond the confines of its home city and become a promising IT brand. Over the years, Systweak’s products have also expanded from Windows to Mac, iOS, and Android.

Mr. Rana has instilled a vision in his employees to enable users to get the best out of their digital devices and computers. Hence most of the products offered by Systweak are quick and easy solutions for users to maintain and optimize their devices. The company currently offers a wide range of software and apps that span across various niches in technology such as device security, backup and recovery services, file organization, junk cleaning, performance optimization, photo editing tools and a lot more.

A Unique Competitor

The team at Systweak firmly believes that focusing on the end-user is exponential for any business, regardless of the industry. Hence, instead of trying to sell the customer something they might not want, its products provide easy solutions for complicated issues that technology users are likely to encounter. The company invests heavily in R&D to solve challenging problems consumers are unable to deal with and provides convenient and user-friendly solutions.

The company has progressed as a unique solution provider due to the expertise and contribution of the entire Systweak team. However, its foundations were laid by a personal experience. It was Mr. Shrishail Rana’s experiences with his Pentium II powered Windows PC. Back in 1999, he created a freeware named “Shrishail’s Memory Optimizer” that allowed users to run several programs simultaneously without crashes. He was soon approached by several companies including who were interested in the software, and the rest as they say is history. The program was renamed “Memory Zipper Plus” becoming the number one memory optimizer for Windows that year.

A Proven Mantra for Success

Systweak culture fosters a sence of belief and ownership for learning among its employees. When in doubt, Systweak employees are often encouraged by a quote from Elon Musk,”failure is an option here”. Systweak employees learn from their mistakes to develop an original and true understanding of their work.

Additionally, the company culture also nurtures the value of customer feedback and constantly strives to mold its products and services according to their requirements. Mr. Rana said, “In order to hold our work sacrosanct, we would rather fail than provide a product or service that holds no value for the end-user. And it is this mindset that has brought us this far.”

Moreover, Systweak is solely focused towards customer satisfaction and providing top-notch products and services. It not only want to provide solutions for tech related issues, but also make technology much easier to understand and use for consumers across all ages. In doing so, it uses technology to solve problems that arise from technology itself, thus creating a sustainable business model.

A Bright Future Ahead

Since it has already expanded its services to most popular platforms, Systweak aims to focus on delivering top-notch quality in the future. Alongside optimization, cleaning and performance boosting apps, it has also been working on newer niches such as IOT and games. Apart from these, Mac security is another area where, it will be direct its attention as it is a largely unexplored territory. So, users around the world can definitely expect more games, IOT apps and security solutions for Mac and iOS from an outstanding solution provider in the near future.

Mr. Rana was gracious while speaking with Insights Success and spoke frankly about some industry trends. He said it is difficult to understand and predict the next big thing on the horizon. The digital industry is disrupting many established models that software professionals need to only remember one thing. He added, “in order to change the world, all you need to do is ‘Tweak the source code’.

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