Synaptek Corporation: Pioneer in Delivering Agile and Cost-effective Virtualization Solutions

Today, applications are the lifelines of any business. They support how a company operates, generates revenue, gains value from its employees, and builds relationships with its customers. One of the top priorities for any company is deciding the best way to manage that application portfolio. The rise of cloud and mobile technologies makes this task simultaneously more urgent and more complex.

Nowadays, companies want to invest in the new cloud and mobile applications that differentiates and helps grow their business. At the same time, it’s essential to get the maximum benefit from existing applications. This means running them efficiently and reliably—and at the lowest cost possible—while also enhancing them appropriately over their lifecycle.

The Forerunner

Synaptek Corporation, a full spectrum Information Technology services provider is a pioneer in providing flexible virtualization solutions. It reflects the needs of its customers to maximize the value of their IT investments with the help of its core practice areas – Systems Integration, Application Development, Operations Support, and Program Management. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Reston, VA, Synaptek Corporation is an 8(a) certified small disadvantaged business (SDB).

The company’s focus lies on implementing effective technical solutions for its customers, which best meets today’s need while providing a platform for emerging technology integration in the future. Synaptek achievesrepeatable success for each of its clients through the application of mature processes, deep expertise with innovative, secure enterprise solutions, and highly qualified technical professionals. Synaptek understands both the pace of technology today and the need to have a comprehensive well-planned information management environment. The founders of Synaptek have worked together for over a decade, supporting customers ranging from small departmental operations & maintenance efforts to leading broad nationwide deployment efforts for agencies such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Synaptek’s motto, “Technology moving at the speed of thought,” embodies these principles – the need to nimbly utilize the best that information technology offers to meet the business needs of our Federal Government customers.

The Trailblazer behind Synaptek Corporation

With the intent to focus on making the organization more effective in the industry, Kamran Jinnah, CEO of Synaptek Corporation, leads the company and ensures optimal productivity of the employees. Mr. Jinnah began his professional journey in the trenches as an engineer working his way through all the layers of technology. His strong technical background includes building enterprise information technology infrastructure for major cabinet level agencies within the Federal Government, and designing and deploying the largest Cisco wireless system in the world. He has 25 years of executive information technology experience and program management service; and has an exceptional achievement record in the design, development and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance IT solutions to meet a wide-range of private as well as public sector needs.

Through this well-rounded experience, Mr. Jinnah understands that people are the ones to drive solutions, and the real capital of any company is the sum total of its personnel. In creating Synaptek, he sought to found and build a business whose agility, experience, and energy would move at the speed of thought; a mindset that became Synaptek’s tagline and embodies his philosophy towards people and technology.

Services which make Synaptek a Renowned Name in the Industry

Synaptek supports virtualized environments on VMware platforms including versions 5.x and 6.x. Synaptek uses multiple ESXi 6.5 hosts in a highly available clustered configuration within its datacenter and Innovate lab. The figure below depicts its Innovate Lab where the employees of the company can mock-up customer configurations and test the viability of solutions prior to deployment. Additionally, Synaptek utilizes VMware vCenter server, vRealize Operation Manager 6.x, vSphere Data Protection, and Site Recovery Manager to cost-effectively meet customer requirements. These virtualized products demonstrate to customers the private, hybrid, and public cloud opportunities and advantages to help them overcome their own datacenter pain points and reduce overall OpEx and CapEx costs. Synaptek also deploys virtual machine template for Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, as well as Linux-based appliances.

Aiding and Planning to Overcome Challenges

Synaptek’s biggest challenge and struggle has been keeping pace with its growth. The organization’s most valuable asset is human capital – Synaptek are in the business of deploying complex technologies, which require smart people. As a result, it has heavily invested in its people, tuition, training and benefits to attract and retain the best professionals the industry has to offer.

Synaptek has enjoyed a number of incredible growth phases to be named in the Fast 50 list for four consecutive years. It has deployed 137 Million Square feet of wireless technology in the US Federal Civilian and Defense offices spaces as well as identity management solutions at six agencies, achieving the gold standard in security, authorization and authentication. Moreover, Synaptek has doubled in size almost every year since it started its business. In 2017, its workforce grew by 38%, and anticipates 2018 to be an even bigger growth year for Synaptek.

The Future from the Eyes of the Leading Enterprise

Synaptek believes that its growth potential is very promising. It has recently been awarded more than a dozen multi-year contracts, holds numerous contract vehicles, and has a substantial number of programs which are currently in source selection. Synaptek was established to provide IT Services to the Federal Government. While this market is highly competitive, the principals of the Synaptek Corporation have a proven record of success competing at the highest levels within this market space. The need for the Federal Government to leverage technology to meet the mission objectives has increased, and is reflected in steady, if not growing, IT budgets within its target market. Synaptek is confident in what the future holds for them.

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