Sympower: Creating a Sustainable Grid through Demand Management

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face as a planet today, and fossil-fueled power plants are a major source of that problem.

Electricity supply and demand must be balanced at all times to prevent issues on the electricity grid. Demand fluctuates due to day-to-day consumption patterns. The increase in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are contributing to fluctuations in supply, as the production of energy depends on variable natural factors that are hard to control.

Currently, discrepancies between supply and demand are restored by power plants in an inefficient and polluting manner by quickly increasing generation to match the demand.

Solutions such as Sympower speed up the transition to a clean and efficient energy system. It minimizes the need for heavily-polluting “peaking” plants and facilitates the integration of renewables onto the electricity grid, reducing the carbon footprint of the energy system as a whole. Sympower enables smarter energy use for a lowcarbon future.

Being Part of the Solution

Sympower enables electricity endusers to make a significant contribution towards building a clean energy system by optimizing their energy consumption. The Sympower system operates as a Virtual Power Plant, matching demand to the supply without the need for increased generation of power. Its smart software connects appliances such as electric heating and cooling systems to an online platform that balances the supply and demand of electricity in real-time. Online systems monitor physical processes on site and adjust consumption and production of the connected appliances while minimizing the disturbance caused to the processes, making the end-user’s industrial, commercial and residential systems a part of the solution.

Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators purchase balancing services and congestion management solutions from Sympower. These grid operators have highly technical demands and qualification requirements that Sympower is able to fulfill across multiple markets and geographies. Sympower shares revenues generated from the balancing services with the appliance owners, paying them for the capacity they have contributed to the platform and for their role in creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy system.

Connecting Energy System with IoT

Sympower’s Internet of Energy Things solution regulates the behavior of devices that consume electricity in real-time from a cloud, synchronizing the energy consumption with the supply and demand on the grid in real-time. Additionally, Sympower enables customers to become active traders on electricity markets and optimizes consumption against electricity prices in new ways providing end-users with additional sources of revenue and lower electricity bills.

Every day, the Sympower platform gets smarter by optimizing forecasting algorithms, reviewing energy consumption trends and optimizing how it trades resources.

Initial Setbacks and a Better Future

Sympower’s main challenges along the path to growth are the restrictions that come from regulatory barriers. The lack of current market structures that are open to demand response aggregation and the time it takes institutions to adapt to advancements in aggregator functions, make it difficult for Sympower to enter into new countries rapidly.

Much needed change is on the horizon however, as European legislation is mandating that countries open their electricity markets to sustainable solutions such as demand response aggregation and frequency reserves by 2020. Sympower is part of the Horizon 2020 R&D initiative Interflex, that explores pathways to adapt and modernize the European electricity distribution system, giving Sympower a head start as part of the change makers in the industry.

With such transformational regulatory changes buoying the industry, and many other R&D projects Sympower is involved in, the company will continue to grow its portfolio of services and already has plans to expand into new markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

The Passionate Leader

Simon Bushell is CEO and Founder of Amsterdam-based Demand Response Aggregator, Sympower. He is passionate about finding innovative solutions to help tackle climate change. Simon is a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and has been invited to speak at events all over the world to share his vision on the future of the energy system

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