Symphony Solutions: An Agile Driven Company Delivering Digital Solutions

Symphony Solutions is an international Dutch IT company with offices situated at Netherlands, Ukraine, Macedonia and Poland.  Symphony Solutions is a digital transformation and agile transformation Services Company which designs, develops, quality assures, and maintains custom software, web, and mobile solutions for clients all over the world. The dedicated and nimble team of Symphony Solutions exemplifies the Symphony values to forge strong relationships and drive success of the company. The agile principles are deeply imprinted across the organization. Symphony Solutions encourage and embrace strong relationships of trust and mutual understanding with employees and clients. Perhaps that is why they have never lost a client.

The Journey So Far

The company was founded in October 2008. Since then Symphony Solutions has been offering a creative open space for those who are passionate about their job and in pursuit of constant improvement, sharing the same values and respect personal and cultural diversity.  In the year 2014, Symphony Solutions moved to an amazing new office in Lviv. The unique interior design of this office, famous for its green zones and the real Dutch spirit, was inspired by a small Dutch village, the Zaanse Schans.

2015 was the year when they expanded the company and searched for new opportunities outside Ukraine. Symphony Solutions opened a new office in Rzeszow, Poland, Skopje and Macedonia. Further in the year 2016, the company has close to 300 employees working with them.

Today, Symphony Solutions proudly presents itself as an established company with delivery centers in three countries (Ukraine, Macedonia and Poland) and HQ in the Netherlands. Their clients leverage all the significant benefits that Global Sourcing could provide. Symphony Solutions offer a wide range of IT and BPO solutions, including digital marketing and design services.

Architect of Symphony Solutions

Theo Schnitfink, is the CEO & Founder of Symphony Solutions. Prior to starting his own company, Theo Schnitfink was Vice President Europe at Cognizant Technology Solutions and  Senior Vice President Europe at Cambridge Technology Partners. The company then and now is the result of his passion for values as drivers of job satisfaction and success.

When starting the company, he envisioned a work place where he himselfwould have like to work during his career, evident first in the physical space, a replica of a real Dutch Village with a circular design of Dutch inspired meeting rooms around a central common area called The Park, complete with picnic tables, almost realistic grass on the floor, and a huge swing suspended from the high ceiling.  The Amsterdam Bar across the park is where everyone meets over coffee, breakfast and lunch, breaks, or after work. Everything serverd by their own barristas

It is also evident in the agile culture, based on flexibility, close personal and trusting connections, flat management, “same desk policy” for all levels, and the “colleagues choose colleagues” hiring process.

He insists on a 50/50 gender split, which differs from the predominantly male line-up at most IT companies. Also, Symphony Solutions shares his pride that their self-management system has worked well throughout their 10-year history, especially in attracting and retaining the best talent.  Symphony Solutions have a very low turnover rate, owing to their scrupulous hiring process, where cultural fit is as important as individual skill.

Great Place to Work

From the very beginning, they have aimed at creating a corporate culture that would eliminate, where possible, all the barriers created by traditional organizations in favor of a high degree of self-management. Trust is the foundation of their organization. Symphony Solutions cultivate a warm and close relationship with clients and among colleagues. They have implemented a unique employee selection process “Colleagues choose colleagues”, which helped them to create an environment where everybody enjoys working together and to attract highly motivated people who are capable of providing high-quality software development services. These principles lead them to flourish and be the leader in the ever growing industry of today.

An Unmatched Client Base

Clients come to Symphony through trusted referrals.  That means that they are already prone to be a Symphony-style client, those who have similar ethics and work styles.  Then it is the responsibility if the company to meet each other to confirm the cultural fit before they start the partnership. The customers of Symphony Solutions know that they hire only the top 20% of industry talent, but a client has the discretionary right of final authorization. This creates a dual sense of ownership and a shared investment in each person’s future.

Achievements and Recognitions

Awards and recognition include:

  • “50 Best Workplaces to Watch 2017,” from CIO Bulletin
  • “Agile Transformation Company of the Year, 2017,” from The Technology Headlines
  • “20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers – 2016,” from CIO Review
  • “20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers – 2016,” from CIO Review

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