Swiftic.io : A world’s leading mobile app-creation solution for influencers and creators

The Swiftic platform allows social influencers to quickly and effortlessly create and publish their own branded app, increase their engagement, and generate more monetization opportunities.

Swiftic.io is here to help influencers and creators maximize their influential potential, by giving them the control over their social influence.

Swiftic.io creates new monetization opportunities for social influencers, such as launching their own mobile storefront, using affiliate links, charging a subscription fee for exclusive content, product campaigns, and most importantly access to data.

Mission is to deliver a branded app creation platform

In the current era of digital world, social influencers play a pivotal role in expanding brand awareness of any global brand among its targeted audience. However, when it comes to influence buyers regarding purchase of any product or service, the power of word of mouth seems matchless. Yet content creators often don’t unleash their full influential potential due to the limitation imposed by social networks. By taking cognizance of this grave concern swiftic.io crafted its ambitious mission to deliver a branded app creation platform focused on social influencers, allowing them to maximize their social brand’s reach and value, while owning the social assets, which they worked hard to create.

About Swiftic.io

Swiftic.io was incepted six years ago as Como DIY- the world’s leading DIY app builder. Since its inception, 1.5 million apps were built using this platform. Last year the company rebranded itself to Swiftic, and launched its second brand for social influencer and creators – swiftic.io.

The idea of launching swiftic.io came after the realization that many social influencer and creators are using Swiftic app builder tools, to build their brand, while traditional app builder tools still targeting mostly the SMB’s. While interviewing many of their influencers and creators’ clients they found many challenges that influencer marketing world was facing, and there they came to know that there is a dire need for a platform such as swiftic.io.

Offering that assist clients in expanding Business outreach

Swiftic.io enabled its clients to create personalized branded app that allows social influencers to stand out above the social noise while increasing their engagement with their loyal fans. Additionally, swiftic.io creates new monetization opportunities for social influencers, such as launching their own mobile storefront using affiliate links, charging a subscription fee for exclusive content, product campaigns, and most importantly access to data.

Understanding the target audience is a crucial facet that is required to achieve greater success. Swiftic.io’s offering allows their clients to have a better understanding of who their followers are, and enables them to create campaigns focused on their fans core interests.

Achievements that prove worthiness of their Services

Swiftic’s legacy platform – its app builder, won many awards along the years. Some of the prominent are:

  • Finalist, 2014, Mobile Excellence Awards, for Breakthrough Technology Lakeside Fitness for Best Health & Fitness App
  • Finalist, 2014, Mobile Mafia Awards for being the Best Publishing Platform
  • Gold Winner, 2013, Digiday Publishing Awards for “Small or Medium Business Service of the Year”

An anecdote of their esteemed client

D.J Brian Santana from NYC when realized that being active solely on soundcloud is preventing him from utilizing its full influential potential, Santana decided to build an app with Swiftic. The positive outcome soon started resonating in his business with more than 500K downloads of his app. And more Santana is able to connect with target audience in a much better way than ever before.

Leading Light of Swiftic.io

“Data is power, making social influencers who truly understand their audiences far more valuable to today’s top brands.” said Yoav Adomi, he is the Co-founder and CEO of swiftic.io. It was his idea to create an app builder that resonates with its intended audience, to maximize business outreach.

He has completed Bachelor of Laws from Tel Aviv University and has vast administrative experience in varied management positions. His expertise lies in mobile applications, business development, search engine optimization, project planning and more.

‘Progressive Web App’ is the ‘Hot’ topic these days

The mobile application development market is in troubled waters these days. In the mid-2017, Apple changed their submission policy and banned mobile application makers from their stores, making it almost impossible for SMB’s to launch their native apps. This move triggered big players to look for an alternative solution to cut dependency on the stores. Progressive Web App, shines out among the equals and its adoption gained popularity due to its capability of providing same user experience as a native app, without the hustle of going into the stores, downloading and installing an app. At the end of 2017, even Apple changed its policy but it did not change the need of cutting the dependency, hence PWA remained strong, useful alternative to the Apple-Google duopoly.

Aiming to be a global brand in the field of social influencer

With thousands of leading social influencers apps, millions of end users discovering new content, and with additional influencer signing up to swiftic.io on a regular basis, Swiftic is all set to become the leading brand in the world of social influencer.

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