Starwest Tech: Continuity of Care trough Accurate Communication and Documentation

It was in 1979 that the need for development and implementation of new design models with a focus on integrated delivery systems and public/private partnerships for EMS and ambulance services gave the birth of Starwest Associates. Across the southwestern United States, Starwest Associates built a variety of companies focusing on integrating public/private partnerships in municipalities and healthcare in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California.

Starwest Associates’ technology division, Starwest Tech, was established in 1992 to develop the technologies and systems needed to support Starwest Associates’ EMS operations and public fire systems.

Since 2006, Starwest Tech has focused exclusively on improving pre-hospital care through Zoi ePCR solutions and real-time or near realtime active management technologies. Starwest ePCR systems have been used in EMS and fire department operations to replace many other first-generation ePCRs.

The company has already had an impact on the landscape of deep data capture and information exchange. Its Zoi ePCR system provides prehospital care, web-based clinical content management, and information retrieval for QA and reimbursements.

Zoi ePCR allows Fire Departments and Health & Medical Organizations and Agencies to contribute to local, regional, and national databases and improve patient care across the country.

It itself can contribute datasets to the Prehospital Information & EMS Registry System, National Emergency and Medical Services Information Systems (NEMSIS), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). among others.

Starwest ePCR data systems have contributed in excess of 2.6 million Arizona charts over the last three years from fire departments and ambulance services to AZPIERS, SHARE, EPIC, ROC including areas of behavioral health and crisis, cardiac, stroke, and TBI.

The Experienced Leader 

The Founder and CEO of Starwest Associates, Bob Ramsey has founded companies in various fields, including ambulance services (in Arizona and across the Southwest), EMS, medical supplies, air transportation, information technologies, management systems, real estate, and avionics.

He pioneered, designed, and implemented one of the first public/private partnership EMS models in the U.S in the early ’80s. Many of those high-performance fire department models are still used today by various municipalities in Arizona and across the nation for dedicated 911 emergencies, out -of hospital health, and “Treat and Refer” response services.

Bob’s success can be credited to his dedication to serving the needs of others and his ability to design, implement, and innovate high performance and clinical EMS services.

Entering the Industry and Tackling Competition 

Starwest Associates began in the early days of modern EMS and ambulance services to develop and implement new design models with a focus on integrated service delivery to improve patient care. Through public and private partnerships in municipalities across Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California, Starwest Associates built a variety of companies to improve service delivery, improve care, enhance technologies, and for better reimbursement services.

Starwest Tech was established in order to meet the needs of the Starwest Associates family of EMS companies and fire models. The division was able to create agile, more intuitive, and easy-to-use solutions that set the standard for quality data collection.

Unreliable, rigid, and cumbersome products can have a negative impact on patient care and achieving the best possible outcome for the patient. Starwest also believes that no one wants to see a software tool hinder patient care due to weak factors of ease of use and speed.

Starwest focuses on cultivating adaptability, interoperable behaviors in strong relationships with experts in patient care who are familiar with workflow timeframes and the tools used in the field. Starwest takes pride in itself that the customer is it. Taking the feedback and ideas that come straight from the field and shaping it into a flexible solution for any department any operation.

Teething Problems and Future Plans 

Starwest Tech and its data solutions were established in order to meet the needs of Starwest Associates’ family of companies. As is the case when developing any new technology solution, this required quite a bit of forward thinking and careful planning in order to hit a “moving target” involving changing state and national protocols, regulations, standards, and technological developments.

Starwest will maintain its steady progress towards the vision of robust active management systems for fire departments and EMS.

Starwest Tech is focusing on data solutions beyond ePCR – iOS and Android native-hosted SaaS solutions, web-based clinical content management systems, operations and resource control, expanded interfaces and integrations with third-party technology which give first responders the tools to provide the best outcome for any incident.

The organization has just completed its robust fire reporting, Treat and Refer Health information systems, which will take the industry to new heights