Sports 1 Marketing- Highly-Effective Marketing Partner with a Distinctive Approach

Amid of all the marketing and communications, tools used in business, Relationship Capital is mostly the neglected one. The important asset for any organization is ‘Relationship’ and there is no room for discussion to the fact that business thrives on good relationships. Any organization, big or small, relationship between all people in an organization is very crucial.  A group of sport enthusiasts at Sports 1 Marketing have leveraged this asset and are the leaders in digital marketing. Sports 1 Marketing is a global sports and entertainment marketing agency that leverages the Relationship Capital David Meltzer and Warren Moon, Founders of Sports 1 Marketing, have built up over 38 years.

Combined Force of Knowledge and Relationship Capital

A member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and one of the most important trailblazers in the history of professional football, Warren Moon is the President of Sports 1 Marketing.  Warren along with David Meltzer founded Sports 1 Marketing. Warren encountered David Meltzer, who is also the CEO of this company while he was serving at Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment agency. Having adequate knowledge in technology and a past experience of serving as the CEO of Samsung’s first smartphone division combined with Warren’s relationships in sports and business, Sports 1 Marketing has an unmatched relationship capital and situational knowledge to offer its clients.

When asked about attributes that sets Sports 1 Marketing different from others David quotes, “Founded in 2010, we have utilized our situational knowledge to be statistically successful in everything we do. We are able to bring the right people to our projects to attract more of the right people. This elevates the awareness and exposure of the project thereby allowing us to maximize its monetization in order to deliver on our company’s mission, which is making a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun!”

An Exceptional Marketing Strategy

The advocacy provided by the company consists of a customizable marketing tool that can be utilized at thousands of events per year. Sports 1 Marketing’s award-winning platform namely, ‘Aggregated Marketing Platform’ (AMP), was launched in January 2016, in order to help event producers and sponsors to connect traditional media and sponsors’ products, encourage event attendee engagement and create a measurable direct response environment. This platform helps in reducing logistical issues with sponsorship, optimizes traditional media at events, provides sponsors with data of the consumers they interact with, and improves the overall experience of event attendees.

The secure end-to-end solution offered is customizable and can be tailored to individual events or experiences, providing a custom “playbook” for all partners. This unique approach has gained appreciation worldwide and won accolades from FierceWireless for Innovation in Cloud Services and was named by both the American Business Awards and International Business Awards as the Best App/Website in Sports while outperforming its competitors such as DraftKings.

However, the actual reason behind the success of this platform can be counted as its combination with the media arm of Sports 1 Marketing, S1Media House. Combining the benefits of AMP platform, S1Media House puts together content packages for event sponsors, capturing their branding in action, in order to amplify and leverage their message.

Acquired by Sports 1 Marketing, S1Media House has a focus on creating turnkey digital content for distribution on platforms of all kinds, and works with national and international brands including Entrepreneur, K-Swiss, Wheels.

The Celebrated Accomplishments

Acknowledged globally for the unique marketing strategy, Sports 1 Marketing has won many titles including crowing it as the “Best Places to Work in 2017” by the Orange County Business Journal.  The company’s AMP has been named as the ‘Best App/Mobile Site’ of the year 2017 in Sports by both the ‘American Business Awards’ and ‘International Business Awards’.

Adding on to the list of accomplishments, Sports 1 Marketing was awarded with ACQ5 Global Awards in the year 2017 and was also elected as the ‘Advertising & Entertainment Advisory Firm of The Year’ (, 2017, US) by its peers. The founder and CEO, David Meltzer was also named by ACQ5 as the GameChanger of the Year (2017) and was recognized as ‘Sales and Marketing Leader’ of the Year 2017 by SMLA.

 Peep into the Future

The services and aids offered by Sports 1 Marketing are directly proportional to the varying digital content.  With varying trends of digital content and leveraging the new gained knowledge, Sports 1 Marketing promises to offer unique branding and sponsorship opportunities to small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between.

Making Humanitarian Contributions

The team of Sports 1 Marketing is dedicated to philanthropy, and requires every project that is taken on to have a charitable component. The long list of its charitable partners includes the ‘Unstoppable Foundation’, ‘Crescent Moon Foundation’, ‘St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’, ‘March of Dimes’, ‘The Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation’, and the ‘Irvine Public School Foundation’, among many others.

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