Social Media platform bans remarks based on disability, age, and disease

Twitter has been taking social media hate comments very seriously. It has updated its hate speech policies that ban dehumanizing remarks. Remarks based on age, disability or disease where such people are treated unequally. These changes had been updated in July in the company’s policies. They also stated that Twitter would be removing Tweets that dehumanize religious groups.

Prior to this recent event, Twitter had issued a major ban in 2018 on a dehumanizing speech in support of its existing hate speech policies. These policies protected discrimination against race and gender. Twitter had been updating these policies in light of events that they had failed to address according to user feedback.

The company also stated that the tweets posted before the 5th of March,2020 would be removed but the respective accounts would not be suspended. Twitter had introduced these policies in September 2018.

At that time Twitter had asked for feedback and had received more than 8000 responses across 30 countries in a mere span of 2 weeks.

Twitter feels that many minorities and other people would benefit from this policy.