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Snap Fitness: For a Fitter, Better You

Taking care of one’s fitness is not a lifestyle but the correct way to lead one’s life. Being fit ensures that we enjoy the small and big things is life to the maximum. While most of us would like to follow a routine that helps us stay fit, at times we need an expert guidance and a little push towards maintain a fitness regime.

This is where fitness centres come in. For common people fitness centres and gyms are synonymous to setting up a fitness routine in a fun way. And for entrepreneurs, fitness centres mean a way to serve society as well as earn.

Founded in 2003 in the US, Snap Fitness provides entrepreneurs an exciting business opportunity with turnkey systems, financing options with low investments, and world class support.

Snap Fitness UK really got going in 2015 In the UK, it has the vision to become the most successful fitness franchise, with highly profitable franchisees and some of the best-looking gyms around.

Richard Wingfield, Chief Operating Officer, Snap Fitness shares more details.

What services does Snap Fitness provide, and how are these services making an impact on your clients and customers?

Snap Fitness Clubs offer state of the art equipment and customer fitness experience with superb weights training areas, multi-use functional zones that can be doubled up for an individual work out or ideal for throwing in a HIIT class, our studios are fitted with Fitness On Demand allowing members to choose from a massive range of classes at a time that suits them and with MyZone technology installed in clubs to support and motivate members through their training.

As the CEO, what is your opinion on the current state of healthcare services for senior citizens and how is your organization contributing towards making it better? If we can take any positives from a global health pandemic it is the awakening or people to the importance of health and fitness. Snap Fitness is continuing to evolve and are now producing a real market leading product that is competitively priced, cutting edge fitness spaces open 24/7 and located close to the communities that we serve. This makes us accessible to a really wide membership base allowing members to train regularly and stay fit and healthy without having travel. There is the added benefit of reciprocal access to the global network of Snap Fitness clubs where you can get a premium fitness product at a great price.

What are your organization’s franchising USPs and what additional benefits/opportunities do you offer to your potential franchisors?

We offer franchisee’s a complete turnkey system allowing an investor with little to no experience of running a gym to come onboard and open their own gym or group of gyms. We have an excellent team of professionals in our UK team ready to support with all aspects of your new business; from gaining funding, finding the ideal location, selecting and designing the fitness space and customer journey right through to opening the doors of your own club packed with cutting edge technology and equipment to attract your members. We also have the backing of our global team at Lift Brands to support and drive global procurement efficiencies for our franchisees to enhance the business model. It doesn’t stop there when the club is operational, we can provide as much support as required from localised and digital marketing, health & safety support and advice to introducing the latest fitness innovations.

Where do you envision your organization to be in the long run and what are your future goals?

Snap Fitness has strong aspirations to be the global leader in fitness franchising and as such ensuing that our franchisees are fully engaged in the brand. The market is continually evolving and for Snap Fitness to continue its growth of market share the brand needs to evolve, franchisees need to continually learn and develop to ensure our fitness spaces and the customer journey remain best in class. I see Snap Fitness continuing to grow at pace the number of gyms in the UK & Ireland but the long-term key to success is ensuring a quality sustainable business model that can ride the highs and lows of a turbulent economy.

As an industry expert, what would be your advice to aspiring healthcare/franchising professionals and entrepreneurs?

A successful franchise requires engaged franchisees. This will happen with ongoing support and education, continual development of the brand and staying ahead of the game with the latest fitness innovations and technology. That said the success of any gym will come down to nailing the basics:

  • Sourcing the right location with data driven decision making
  • A robust and flexible business model
  • Quality people that engage with the brand.

About the Leader

Richard Wingfield has come in to help transition the business to the next stage of growth. Richard has a personal and motivational leadership style that brings about outstanding team and individual results. His roots are firmly planted in fitness, leisure, and business, with a degree in Sport and Leisure. Richard has gone on to lead numerous teams in a number of Fitness, leisure and outdoor education businesses that put outstanding standards, customer service and fun at their core. His approach to leading the UK & Ireland Snap Fitness franchise has been no different and is centred around his team and the franchisee.

Taking the reins of the business through a global pandemic has required fast learning and decisive action to ensure the 70 strong network of clubs are safe, primed and ready for business as lockdown is released. Richard and his core team have ensured that Snap Fitness comes out of lockdown ready for the next phase of its growth journey.