Sightline Systems – Streamlining IT Operations with Real-Time Performance Analytics

As digital transformation sweeps across the enterprise, IT operations are scrambling to keep up with the pace of change, respond to competitive challenges and deliver world-class customer experiences. Without collecting, visualizing and analyzing IT and manufacturing performance data, organizations have trouble responding to real-time changes within their infrastructure, addressing sudden spikes in demand or preventing unexpected service outages.

Sightline Systems leverages recent advances in big data visualization, machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver real-time performance analytics, automated root-cause analysis and capacity planning to help organizations proactively predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime. Sightline Systems helps its customers optimize the performance of their IT and manufacturing infrastructure by leveraging existing hardware and software investments efficiently and effectively. Sightline makes it easy to identify trends, diagnose problems and take decisive actions to continuously ensure quality, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Unlocking the Power of IT Performance Data

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) is a highly-effective performance analytics solution that provides real-time visibility across today’s modern cloud, hybrid and virtual IT environments. EDM leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to automate the aggregation, visualization and analysis of massive amounts of IT performance data or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data to help organizations fully understand the past, present and future state of their infrastructure in order to diagnose performance problems, pinpoint root causes and forecast capacity constraints.

Brandon Witte, CEO of Sightline Systems, explains that EDM helps organizations turn time-stamped data into actionable insights, up-to-the-minute alerts and intelligent business decisions to quickly resolve existing issues or optimize existing systems. “EDM’s ability to make sense of IT performance data captured in the data center or smart sensor data captured on the factory floor, provides unique insights into how small changes affect performance, quality and even energy efficiency,” added Brandon.

Sightline minimizes the need for manufacturers to hire specialized data scientists to determine which processes are causing performance problems, production losses or safety issues. Sightline also provides IIoT analytics that allow organizations to take advantage of all that Industry 4.0 has to offer while providing distinct competitive advantage over manufacturers that have not taken steps to benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Moving Beyond Legacy IT Monitoring

As IT Operations continue to move beyond conventional IT monitoring solutions, IT teams will increasingly rely on sophisticated correlation, visualization and data analytics capabilities, along with advanced automation technologies to streamline incident management resolution processes.

Sightline EDM allows organizations to replace multiple legacy monitoring tools with a single-pane-of-glass solution to identify performance issues, determine root cause and take corrective action from a centralized dashboard to minimize disruption to internal and external stakeholders.

Sightline enables IT teams to continuously monitor their IT and manufacturing infrastructure in real time and quickly determine how to address problems by correlating performance metrics, detecting system anomalies and streamlining remediation processes. Unlike traditional IT monitoring solutions that provide alerts, but not answers, Sightline EDM helps IT departments dramatically reduce mean time to identification and resolution, enabling them to quickly take corrective action to prevent problems from affecting customers, systems or services.

When asked about the unique features of Sightline Systems, Brandon asserts, “Sightline is the only performance analytics provider that allows organizations to collect metrics across thousands of systems, servers and applications. Our powerful data compression, storage, correlation and analytics capabilities allow organizations to understand massive amounts of data in real time to identify performance issues and determine root causes that are missed by legacy IT monitoring solutions that are unable to process the same quantity or quality of data in such granular time frames.”

Advancing the Capabilities of Performance Analytics

Sightline’s continued success is due to consistently evolving and improving EDM and its analytic capabilities. The recent release of Sightline EDM 5.5 adds new features such as real-time anomaly detection, data storage and compression capabilities, along with enhanced visualization and reporting features to deliver next-generation performance analytics across today’s IT and IIoT environments. By leveraging the new SightlineDB data repository, EDM delivers up to 10x data compression, allowing customers to reduce storage requirements, increase storage capacity and optimize system performance. This unique system architecture takes advantage of machine learning and predictive analytics to baseline existing system performance and automatically identify anomalies outside the normal range of workload behavior.

Gaining International Awards and Recognition

Sightline EDM has garnered awards around the world. Sightline Systems was listed among the ‘Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Provider of 2017’ by Manufacturing Tech Insights. Sightline was also selected to provide real-time, millisecond data collection, visualization and analysis as part of a joint Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and facility management solution in Nippon, Japan. Sightline’s millisecond data speed was verified by one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers as the industry’s fastest and most accurate data collection and retrieval solution after a comprehensive competitive review.

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