Satya S S Sagi: An Avid Entrepreneur Delivering Biopharma-Excellence

The Life Sciences industry is constantly challenged with new technology trends. Evolving technology advancements such as electronic medical records, wearable health care devices, next-generation sequencing, breakthroughs in genomics, immunotherapy, and use of real-world evidence (RWE) and data analytics have primed the life sciences sector for disruption. Each year, these advancements bring changes and challenges to the Life Sciences industry.

Over the last decade, the interest of new technology companies in this sector has shifted towards futuristic technological advancements. Some of the companies have focused on the technological adoptions and have developed some impeccable products and services for the Life Science industry. These companies have managed to excite the market with their notable products, and shown an immense growth within the five to ten years of their inception. Techsol Corporation is one of them.

Techsol Corporation has been successfully addressing key biopharma industry challenges through its integrated cloud-based, fully managed solutions, since its inception in 2010. Today, the company is a market leader in providing highly configurable, process-oriented technology solutions for digitally transforming pharmaceutical business operations across medical information, medical affairs, clinical development, and drug safety. The chief motorist behind Techsol’s remarkable success is its Founder and CEO Satya S S Sagi. His resourceful insights and compassionate leadership has been the driving factor behind the formation of an extraordinary platform.

A Visionary with Unique Education Background 

Sagi founded Techsol Corporation with a vision to address some of the specific customer challenges that he experienced during his previous positions at enterprise software companies such as Oracle Health Sciences. He has a biotechnology and pharmacy education background with training in software development. Due to this unique combination of education and skills, he has had opportunities to work on and manage some of the industry leading, regulatory compliant enterprise software platforms in the areas of clinical development, drug safety and medical affairs. This unique blend of education and experience compelled Sagi to develop an all-in-one solution platform for the biopharma and medical device industry. True to his vision, Sagi formed Techsol Corporation.

Techsol: Advancing Pharma through Technology Solutions 

Growing under this astute leadership, Techsol Corporation specializes in offering cloud-based, information technology services and innovative software solutions to global pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare companies. Its domain-specific business solutions are focused on establishing cross-platform integrations, business process automation, facilitating stakeholder collaboration, risk-based validation, and providing operational insights with advanced data analytics.

As a trusted technology partner, the company continuously engages with industry leading companies including Oracle and Veeva to provide strategic consulting services for solutions implementation, systems validation and cross-platform integrations. While explaining about the perception of the solutions, Sagi mentions, “We constantly are expanding our solution portfolio to extend the depth and breadth of coverage in the existing process areas and in new process areas with our automation enabled, process driven, advanced data sciences and analytics based solutions”. 

Empowering Traits that Make Sagi a Successful Entrepreneur 

Success as an entrepreneur is determined by many traits. The ability of an individual to communicate is a major one of them. An individual can be the best at what he/she does, but if they are not communicating effectively with clients, staff and the market it becomes hard for them to build a team that can transfer their vision into reality. Having better communication skills simply allow individuals to develop exceptional people and public relation management skills. Entrepreneurs must have people management skills to enable them to share their vision effectively and to help them to create a positive environment in the company. According to Sagi, an entrepreneur should possess high Integrity, moral-uprightness and must have exceptional people management skills. Sagi claims it is these skills that have played a vital role in making him a successful entrepreneur.

An Insightful Advice to Overpower Major Challenges 

There are multiple challenges CEOs face today. Effectively managing rapid advancements in technology and the changes associated with them, is one of the main challenges faced by tech company CEOs. Due to this challenge, our technology has undergone considerable changes over the last two to three years. As a result, balancing existing investments and resource pool to address legacy, current and future market needs has become a big challenge in the fast-paced medical industry.

Sagi advices budding entrepreneurs to focus on building strong relationships with people involved in running business such as customers, colleagues and partners. He states business run on people and entrepreneurs must have exceptional people and public relation management skills to overcome challenges and motivate people.

Vision to Explore the Power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 

As a tech company, it is pivotal for Techsol Corporation to adopt and utilize newer technology to address and improve the way it delivers its solutions today. The company has proven itself over the past few years in adopting and successfully delivering solutions on the cloud. Sagi is currently utilizing technologies like analytics/insights using data science principles and artificial intelligence to explore and propose proof-of-concept, projects to his customers in the areas of signal management, real-world evidence, automation etc. Techsol Corporation has witnessed fruitful benefits of this adoption. Hence, Sagi envisions accelerating Techsol’s progress by exploring and deploying more of such technological advancement projects.

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