Salesforce Chooses Amazon for Cloud Services Deal In $400 Million

It is not easy every day that a well-established company gives business to its competitor, let alone worth $400 million. Salesforce has decided Amazon Web Services as its preferred public cloud infrastructure provider. AWS is a direct competitor Amazon’s cloud computing business. Part of Salesforce’s offerings huge service.

Salesforce expands its use of AWS to main services including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud etc. Company planned infrastructure expansion in the world.

Salesforce currently uses AWS for offering services such as Heroku, SalesforceIQ, and Salesforce IoT Cloud, but this mention in the first time its core services will reside on another company’s servers.

Chairman of Salesforce Marc Benioff said, “We are excited to expand our competition relationship with Amazon related to preferred public cloud infrastructure provider. There is no public cloud infrastructure supplier that is more advanced or has more Strong enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of our growing International customer base.”

In the deal did not mention any value. Salesforce create a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in $400 million deal for positive infrastructure service for a period of four years.