Redpine Signals: Driving Wireless Convergence

With a vision of “Driving Wireless Convergence” into new markets by delivering innovative, ultra-low power and multi-protocol products for the Internet-of-Things market, Redpine Signals was founded back in 2001. The IoT markets that Redpine targets include industrial, medical, wearables, home/building automation, home appliances, automotive, audio and video and smart energy sector.

A “Culture of Innovation” is core to Redpine Signals which has – over its 16-year existence – invested over 5000 man-years of effort in the research and development of next-generation wireless technologies. This has resulted in Redpine having been issued over 65 patents with an additional 100 plus pending. Redpine has evolved its technology portfolio from Wi-Fi only to multi-protocol wireless, to integrated wireless/networking software, to cloud-based solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of the IoT market. A key differentiator of the company is its continued ability to deliver a complete ultra-low power solution (silicon, device, software, system) that enable IoT designers to get to market quickly and easily.

Redpine Signal’s goal has always been to be an IoT solution provider. The company recognized early-on that most IoT development time was being spent on addressing integration issues of chipsets, modules, devices, and cloud. And while the market has always been full of point products, Redpine was the first to offer an end-to-end ultra-low power IoT solution. This strategy continues to benefit Redpine as the company grows its business into new markets and applications that need complete, low power and secure wireless solutions.

An Experienced Leader 

With experience of more than 30 years in the semiconductor industry, Venkat Mattela is the Chairman and CEO of Redpine Signals. From day one, his vision for the IoT/Embedded industry has been to provide a complete solution that makes it easy for IoT vendors to add connectivity to products that previously were not connected. While the industry has never lacked wireless chipsets, it has always lacked complete solutions with ultra-low power consumption that IoT vendors could use to quickly and cost-effectively get to market. With Redpine Signals, Venkat has brought this solutions focus to the IoT market, and it is what the company continues to offer today as it drives wireless connectivity and low power capabilities into many markets.

Before founding Redpine Signals, Venkat served as Director of the Network Media Platforms Group of Analog Devices (ADI). He was responsible for the product, strategy and business development for wireless media connectivity solutions. Venkat also led the VLSI development from concept engineering to release of multiple industry-leading networking silicon products resulting in a multi-million-dollar product line. Prior to joining ADI, he also served as Director at Infineon Technologies and was responsible for micro-architecture and design of the TriCore MCU-DSP processor. He led the team to take the architecture to multiple silicon implementations.

Tackling Challenges and Competitions 

The IoT market requires devices that can stay connected to the network round-the-clock, driving the need for ultra-low power connectivity solutions. IoT devices also need to support multiple wireless protocols in order to connect to the cloud, connect to other devices, as well as support provisioning. In addition, security is a major issue for the IoT market, making it critical for device makers to provide multiple levels of security. Redpine’s products address all these challenges. Its technology spans a wide range of wireless protocols (802.11 abgn, dual mode Bluetooth 5, 802.15.4/ZigBee/Thread, 802.11p), integrates security, and is based on an extensive patent portfolio of OFDM, MIMO, embedded processor architectures and low-power techniques. Most recently, in December 2017, the company further advanced its technology leadership by launching the industry’s lowest power wireless MCU and connectivity solutions for battery-operated devices. The ultralow power capabilities of these new products enable battery operated devices such as security cameras, smart locks, video doorbells, fitness bands, industrial sensors and location tags to have over three to four times more battery life compared to competing solutions.

Redpine’s offerings include both the hardware and the software as certified (regulatory and protocol compliance) differentiated sub-systems to provide flexibility and ease of integration to the system integrator. This single-stop approach enables Redpine to deliver an optimal wireless solution to meet customer’s requirements at an optimal price point.

Innovating the Future 

With more than 65 issued patents and 100 plus pending, Redpine offers technology and products that cover multiple market segments in the IoT market. Redpine continues to innovate by developing the next-generation of wireless technologies, adding more processing power for applications, providing more support for cloud connectivity and further reducing the power consumption of the devices. Redpine has always been a provider of a complete wireless connectivity solution, and will enhance this with application-specific solutions to further reduce time to market for IoT device makers. Redpine Signals will continue its mission of “Driving Wireless Convergence”.

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