R2 Logistics: A Technology Driven Logistics Provider

We see that significant portions of the shipper community are currently not utilizing technology solutions in order to make their supply chains more efficient. This is especially true in mid-sized and small companies with less than $25MM in total transportation spend. R2 Logistics, a global provider of transportation services and logistics solutions is changing this trend by offering highly effective and efficient solutions for the industry.

R2 Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that provides access to thousands of contract transportation providers. With offices located across the United States, R2 Logistics has the capacity to resolve any shipping need. Backed by game-changing technology and the culture for Reliable Service and Relentless Passion, the company has built a strong reputation as an industry leader.

About the Leader

Frank Dreischarf started with R2 Logistics in 2017 when he filled the role of Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions. Dreischarf has 20 plus years of distribution and supply chain experience and has spent the last 10 years managing $200MM plus transportation spends. Frank is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he dual majored in Operations Management as well as Transportation and Logistics.

In his current role, Frank is responsible for developing and managing R2’s multi-modal and Supply Chain service offerings. This includes: LTL, Reverse Logistics, Inbound Supply Chain Logistics and Distribution, Intermodal and Final Mile Delivery.

“Logistics is a relationship based business and the foundation for any successful relationship is integrity and trust. That means doing what you say you will do, always seeking to find and add value, and to treat others as you want to be treated,” asserts Dreischarf.

Extraordinary Offerings that Put R2 Logistics Apart

The R2 Logistics’ TMS system was designed to democratize logistics technology for shippers of all sizes. Also, the TMS solution is a cloud-based system which reduces implementation time (and cost) while at the same time providing their customers with industry-leading reporting and data aggregation capabilities.

Customer Oriented Approach

With its platform, R2 Logistics brings visibility to a spend category that is often overlooked. The company is able to provide not only transportation reporting information, but also track and trace capability, document creation and retention as well as mode selection and rating all in one platform. This allows R2 Logistics’ customers to focus on their core business with the assurance that their transportation dollars are being spent as efficiently as possible.

“We have learned that often our customers are unaware or blind to where the waste is in their Supply Chain programs.  We view our role to be a collaborative partner, making suggestions and implementing cost reduction strategies to educate and benefit our customers. Often times this means having honest and difficult conversations with a customer about ways they can make changes to their operations to become more efficient,” – says Dreischarf about R2 Logistics’ approach towards understanding customers and fulfilling demands.

Keeping a Close Eye on Market Dynamics and Changes

Team R2 Logistics is totally aware of the Diesel phase-out plans of the UK and Europe simply mean a migration to lower-emitting technologies in the future. As a 3PL company, R2 Logistics keeps a close eye on market dynamics and changes. As their carrier base looks to adopt these technologies, R2 Logistics is committed to working with them to continue to grow their business.

“A more connected world is also a more efficient one. We are constantly searching for ways to become more integrated with our customers and their customers in an effort to make supply chains more efficient. We view AI, EV and other technologies as an enabler to this mission,” asserts Dreischarf about the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of logistics.

Future Strategies

R2 Logistics will continue to find solutions for shippers of all sizes that help them to save money, become more efficient and eliminate waste. The company has evolved from strictly a truckload brokerage into a full modal 3PL and will continue to innovate in areas of technology, data aggregation, and reporting.  “As we look to the future, you can expect us to continue to add capabilities that provide value for our customers and help them to become the most efficient Supply Chains possible,” said Dreischarf while talking about the future offerings.

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