PowerSchool Acquires SunGard K-12 to increase its reach in US schools

The leading provider of K-12 education technology solutions, PowerSchool, announced a considerable incremental investment to further delivery of K-12’s most comprehensive technology platform. Folsom based PowerSchool, an educational software company, is spending $850 million to acquire a pair of companies that provide administrative software for school districts and other government agencies.

Vista Equity Partners, a private equity backer of PowerSchool, is purchasing SunGard K-12, which serves school districts. With the latest acquisition, PowerSchool aims to provide significant value to the K-12 education community. By combining cloud-based school finance, HR, and payroll solutions (ERP) and with the industry’s leading student information system (SIS) and the Unified Classroom, PowerSchool is making school districts realize greater efficiencies and savings in their business and HR operations.

With the help of combining SunGard’s K-12 industry-leading ERP into PowerSchool’s single platform, the Unified Classroom solution, school districts can now realize greater efficiencies and savings in their business and HR operations. Furthermore, adding the capabilities in accounting, payroll and benefits administration, procurement, employee management, compliance and professional development to PowerSchool’s already comprehensive offering is a step further fort that will drive efficiency and productivity across all aspects of the school district.

“The success of improving student growth, empowering educators, and streamlining school operations hinges on technology applications working seamlessly together,” said Hardeep Gulati, PowerSchool CEO. “With this acquisition, PowerSchool is able to provide a comprehensive, unified suite of applications delivering holistic and real-time analytics to impact student performance, improve teacher effectiveness, provide insights into budgets, and optimize investments across all district initiatives.”

With the purchase of SunGard K-12, the functionality of PowerSchool’s own cloud-based education technology platform for the schools and districts it serves, particularly with regard to school finance, human resources, back office processes and payroll will expand.

SunGard’s customers have PowerSchool’s commitment to getting continuous and significant value over time from improved innovation, support, and services delivered by the combined organization.

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