Polaris Transportation Group: Shipping Confidence across the Borders!

Lately, the Global Logistics and Shipping sector has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the movement of goods within international and intra-national borders. With this ever-increasing operation of goods, the backbone sector is undergoing an upgrade in terms of smart exchange of information between buyers & sellers; and incorporation of modern-tech for effective and efficient business operations.

Polaris Transportation Group is a well-recognized and trustworthy name in the logistics and shipping sector across Americas and other parts of the globe. Serving for decades, it is one of the pioneers in LTL shipping segment and various other logistics services.

Polaris Transportation Group (PTG) is the brainchild of Larry Cox, the original Founder. Larry’s, years of dedication, hard work and commitment aided PTG to emerge into a sizable and formidable organization, which prides itself in continuing the focus on being the best and most reliable LTL carrier in the industry.

The Multidimensional Leader

Larry handed the reins of PTG in 2017 to his son Dave Cox, the current President and CEO.  Dave, like his father, is a visionary and multifaceted personality who is spearheading the organization and maintaining the key fabric of the company’s success. He is well-known for always managing the client experience no matter what.

Dave is also bringing a fresh perspective to enhance the client’s experience even further by embracing cutting-edge technology and becoming the integrated solutions provider for the trucking vertical, technically and operationally; additionally, onboarding a Chief Technology Officer ‘Dave Brajkovich’ who will look after overall strategic digital transformation initiatives.

PTG is an expert in several logistics functions which include Transportationation of Goods, Inventory Handling, Storage, Packaging and Processing it further to the customer.

The organization has strengthened its capabilities and functions by including best in class technology for all of its companies, so it can better serve their client’s full freight life cycle experience end to end.

Out-of-the-Box Strategies that Delivers Exceptional Services

Customers want seamless, better experiences when it comes to their online & offline purchases and the delivery of those. This has resulted in a butterfly effect, as other segments of the industry have needed to be improved too. Simultaneously, the industry has to leverage the available resources (human resource especially) intelligently.

PTG anticipated these needs and have incorporated use of latest smart technology in their business operations.

For instance, Smart Robotics Automation and Machine Learning help them to relieve their internal labor force of repetitive and heavy administrative processing and hence provide the Staff the opportunities to grow and manage the smart processing that a robot can’t do. Reason being, it may be overly complex or needs the human relationship interaction. This inevitably will enhance the overall client satisfaction and experience.

Logistics companies have more data available than ever before, however, they have to make better sense of it.

PTG has a perfect strategy which will embrace the Block Chain fabric paired with Seamless Data Exchange integrations (API’s, EDI, SFTP), helping leverage the data for analysis, audit affirmations, and insightful transparency reducing reliance on heavy administrative efforts and focusing more on moving freight, will be the byproducts.

Utilizing the Internet of Things in logistics by Sensorization, i.e. using sensors to track and trace the route of goods and shipments have been implemented by Polaris Transportation Group. Working in tandem with their partners and tech vendors, Polaris aims to provide the most robust integrated route optimization and tracking systems.

Dave states, “By enabling these technologies, doing business, will now be the way it should be. The industry will go through a significant change from the way it does business today, however, it will make sense and become a simpler process overall. The old adage ‘ask and you shall receive’ will become a reality, we are getting there with the likes of Google Home and Alexa.”

Challenges bring Opportunities

Challenge is the pathway to engagement & progress and an integral part of any business.  For Dave, the challenge is the adoptions and the willingness to trust and cooperatively work with all types of business partners, competitors, vendors, clients, etc.

“Providing the tech will be the easier part, it will be the change management and industry adoption that will be more of the tricky part, however, that’s what good leaders are for! They motivate, direct and make things happen. Let’s get our leaders in the industry pushing us to the next level of transformation, with a little help from our governing bodies,” expressed Dave.

While sharing his thoughts on present opportunities, Dave speaks, “Our motto is to be the strongest link in our clients supply chain and to enhance our internal staff’s growth and performance values. Working smarter by supervising systems is way better than, working harder and having the systems manage the people.”

“By investing and deploying smarter technologies we are then constantly improving on our core values in enhancing the client experience and providing our people a higher degree of value to the overall process.”

Future Roadmap

Recent studies, have predicted the future of global logistics and shipping industry to be challenging but bright.

“Polaris is focused on technologies such as blockchain, enhanced robotic processing, chatbots, dynamic delivery management to help with customer service, enhancing our front facing user interfaces, seamless integrations with our partners and clients. But most of all we want to ensure that we are focused on the most important and precious freight and that is our people and our families,” asserts the CEO.

The ultimate long-term goal of the logistics companies is to build and implement intelligent, digitalized solutions for efficient operations and customer satisfaction and to be able to shift and align in the global competition. The Race is on!

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