Trust forms the basis of all relationships and interactions; it is just as important in professional relationships as it is in personal ones. A sense of trust is one of the key factors that affect employee performance in any organization.

Companies that foster strong workplace trust are better able to weather competition in the market as well as difficult times within the organization. However, it has to be cultivated by managers and leaders, not from words but through consistent, long-term actions and policies.

inet-logistics personifies this mentality. Its CEO, Oswald Werle credits trust with fueling the company’s success. Oswald strives to create a positive corporate environment and has been instrumental in leading the company to its current position as a market leader.

From Passionate Management Guy to Visionary Leader 

Every great visionary has an urge to do something that will make the world a better place. From an early age, Oswald had a vision to contribute to the field of logistics. He says, “I am not an IT guy, I am sort of a management guy who dreamed of contributing to the dynamic field of logistics where everything changes, every minute”. He first worked as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a big European logistics provider, where his contributions were highly-appreciated by industry leaders. However, Oswald had bigger plans.

He had a keen interest in logistics, transportation and the trucking business, and decided to pursue this further with Master’s degrees from both the University of Switzerland and Berkeley. At Berkeley, he learned about internet capabilities and the benefits of network collaboration. This knowledge led him to use these new technologies to optimize the transportation businesses. And in 1999, he founded inet-logistics to persue what he desired.

inet-logistics: Creating a Collaborative World 

inet-logistics is the leading European provider of Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based solutions for Transportation Management, Freight Cost Management, Container Management, and Transportation Analytics. Today, the company is one of the Top 5 providers of transportation management systems (TMS) worldwide.

The inet TMS connects global multi-mode transport networks on the inbound and outbound levels. Its software has been proven to reduce transport costs by an average of 20 percent by networking all participants in the supply chain on a web-based platform in real time. inet’s modular logistics software can also naturally be extended at any time. The platform plans, manages, and optimizes all transport management processes on a stable, efficient and sustainable basis.

Their approach lets clients increase transport capacity utilization and reduce their carbon footprint. Its transport management software can be used for national and international transport, courier and express deliveries, cross docking, multi-mode transport (air, sea, land), full truck loads and less truck loads, and supports combinations of full and empty load flows. With over 9,000 transport partners and more than 11,000 suppliers, the inet TMS is one of the biggest technically integrated supply chain networks in the world.

The company’s innovative framework, reliable services and its remarkable success is an example of Oswald’s ability to transform his vision into reality.

Ideas Drive Everything 

Oswald advises budding entrepreneurs to have a strong belief in their idea.

He explains that not everyone is capable of having a great idea and that not every idea is great. He strongly believes in the Steve Jobs thought to stay hungry and stay foolish. Hence, he mentions if someone has a great idea and a strong belief that they can make their idea a reality, then the individual must give himself – and his idea – a chance.

Oswald acknowledges that there will be hard times but says that self-belief and the joy about intermediate success is absolutely crucial. He also suggests forming an adaptive team which shares the same vision and will work hard to realize it. His own journey is the perfect example of goal-driven progress.

Today, inet is a global leader in transportation management and has offices in Europe, the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific.

Oswald envisions an open minded culture and wants to empower, associated organizations and clients with trust. Through this trust-fueled environment and comprehensive strategies, Oswald expects to deliver excellent solutions to the global transportation market and contribute to making the world a better place.

Source :-The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch 2018

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