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With the growing pollution from the non-renewable resources, smart grid engineering is the key for a beneficial use of widespread energy resources, it is a modernized electrical grid that uses analog or digital information and communications technology. Renewable energy itself is a vast area of research, thanks to its easy availability and a nature that is completely environment friendly.

So, in the issue of “The 10 Best-In-Class SMART GRID Tech Solution Providers, 2018”, we have highlighted some of the most renowned organizations around the world which are working round the clock to provide best in class smart grid solutions.

Our shortlist of companies includes, Kalkitech, a smart grid solutions provider that helps energy utilities across the globe to improve energy efficiency; OhmConnect, which is a software-based power plant which pays households to reduce their energy use; Power Ledger, which is the world leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy; Sympower, a demand response aggregator that connects electrical appliances with the electricity grid, providing grid operators low-carbon balancing services and reserves; ZOME Energy Networks, Inc., who provides software and services for energy service providers, hardware vendors, and infrastructure players. The company offers various demand response solutions and energy management services for HAN/DR rollouts.

Source :-The 10 Best-In-Class SMART GRID Tech Solution Providers 2018