Online Fitness for a Social Distancing World: Why Remote Fitness Options Are the Future

One of the few good things brought about during the pandemic is the realization of how much you can achieve from home. Schooling, shopping, working, and socializing – there is very little that requires IRL presence. Even personal fitness has a place in the remote, online sphere.

The Reality of the Pandemic

The CoVid-19 pandemic made its way across the world with devastating effects. Until enough people are vaccinated, the virus will continue to evolve, creating powerful strains. The latest development of which is the Delta variant.

The Delta variant is so infections that it is matching the pace pre-vaccine. And why wouldn’t it? When it can be transmitted by fully vaccinated individuals. Covid safety procedures have to come back in full force to help flatten the curve.

This variant is an ominous sign that we are nowhere near the eradication of the virus.

The Gap in the Market

Given the circumstances, personal fitness is very important. People need regular physical activity to offset the extended screen time and maintain their mental health. But with a highly infectious virus on the loose, what can people do?

Public spaces that encourage activity like gyms, parks, and beaches are risky, especially with the insurgence of the Delta strain. At-home workouts are ideal, but they can be difficult and inaccessible for those who don’t have the right space or equipment.

Remote Fitness Solutions

There are several remote fitness solutions on the market, and one example is CoPilot. CoPilot is an online service that connects users with coaches. These coaches are here to help people create a workout routine and diet that best suits their long-term goals. There are several stand-out features:


Most people find their trainers and nutritionists at the gym. It’s a quick and easy way to connect with fitness professionals. When you take away the space, it becomes more troublesome to find a reputable coach. With a service like CoPilot, you can easily access fitness professionals. They vet their coaches, and their system allows for quick switches.

Another point for accessibility is the platform. CoPilot also includes a system that allows coaches to properly guide you through exercises. It’s definitely a step-up from follow-after-me Youtube videos or Zoom sessions.

And lastly, this remote fitness solution doesn’t require a lot of equipment or tech. All you need is your smartphone and a decent internet connection. Even without the pandemic, this is an invaluable service for immunocompromised individuals.


CoPilot is all about 1-on-1 attention. Everything is personalized and planned according to the user’s needs. Most services that would do the same are quite pricey. So while CoPilot is more expensive than, say, Planet Fitness, it is cheaper than getting a personal trainer to do the same.


Most home workout routines are generic. They are created with the “average” person in mind, but it doesn’t take into account people’s workout space, time, energy, and existing challenges. Anything more personalized than that requires extensive research that can lead to more questions than answers.

Which beginner-friendly routine should I start with?

Should I opt for low-impact exercises?

Can I really get abs in 2 weeks?

Remote fitness solutions like CoPilot look to put a stop to the confusion. Their coaches are there to guide you through the process and help you hit your milestones. The gradual shift also makes it easier for you to maintain these habits in the long term.

With their current set-up that managed to:

  1. Cater to those who cannot go out and exercise during a pandemic (immunocompromised etc.)
  2. Create a fitness partnership that mimics IRL gyms.
  3. Create a holistic way to improve personal fitness.

The pandemic definitely brought its share of challenges, but it also managed to highlight cool, innovative ideas. When the pandemic is over, people may flock back to gyms. However, it doesn’t change the fact that there is now an option for those who want to take their fitness journey from the comfort of their own home.