Offis: Underpinning Disruption with Cloud Services and Automation

Based out of Pyrmont, NSW, Offis is one of Australia’s longest-running cloud service providers and is considered as the official incumbent Tech Data Cloud Partner of the Year. For more than five years, Offis has been assisting customers to leverage public, private and hybrid cloud to bring considerable agility and efficiency into their business. The company manages systems on behalf of its customers, and is a leader in cloud automation and transformations, having built a successful consulting practice around this. What gives Offis a very big edge over other service providers on the market is its proven model-driven automated process for replatforming and automating the complete rebuild of a complex brownfield IT environment for cloud.

Offis gives companies the ability to self-provision a highly complex IT environment (including hundreds of servers, multiple network tiers, thousands of Firewall rules, and hundreds of applications) in an hour or so into the customer’s own data center or any private/major public cloud. The automation collateral produced by Offis becomes the DNA or the blueprint to re-build any part of or an entire IT environment whenever needed (for development, test, production and disaster recovery), for a wide array of uses, including evolving applications and infrastructure in an agile manner, testing and upgrading systems, patching servers, migrating systems to cloud, or accessing best-of-breed cloud PaaS services.

The Visionary Leader

Franck Demoiseau, CEO of Offis is a transformational General Manager and Company Director with over 10 years of experience in C-level roles across IT, Operations and Finance, in Australia, Asia and Europe. He has vast experience across multiple industries including Banking & Finance, Telecommunications and Professional Services. With the extensive experience and knowledge in Business and Information Technology, Franck showcases a strong commercial acumen, vision, and a passion for leveraging technology, data, people and processes to transform business by adopting the digital disruption.

Automation, the Core Practice

Offis is not just a leader in automation; automation is core to the innovative cloud service provider’s ethos. Offis believes strongly in the existential need for enterprises to become more agile, productive, and cost-effective by automating and orchestrating the deployment of their environments and subsequent operations. Operations can now be managed without specialised expertise as the build and run of every part of the infrastructure and every application is documented and automated. In an ultra-competitive world of disruption, high productivity, and near-zero marginal cost, automation is no longer a nice to have, it is an absolute necessity.

Forge: Crowning Achievement of Offis

Over the last few years, Offis has been building considerable expertise in automation and continually improving the process for re-platforming a brownfield environment. Combining the expertise and knowledge of infrastructure engineers, enterprise architects, software developers and automation engineers has taken Offis to its crowning achievement: Forge.

Offis Forge, a low-code Environment Provisioning as a Service platform (EPaaS) consists of:

  • An architecture and configuration model that allows to input the specifications for a complete enterprise environment (applications, networks, databases, servers, O/S, Firewalls, Firewall rules, data, etc) as meta data; and
  • A generator that leverages the meta data in the model to programmatically generate and execute the blueprints (the automation templates which could be in a choice of popular formats, such as Terraform templates, RightScale Cloud Application Templates, vRealize templates, AWS Cloud Formation templates, Azure Resource Manager templates, and others) to forge full or partial environments.

This model-driven automated approach to automating the forging of a complex brownfield environment means that only meta data needs to be input / updated in the configuration model and the model is subsequently able to instantly and automatically generate the equivalent of potentially hundreds of automation templates containing thousands of lines of code.  Offis Forge also massively simplifies maintenance for the enterprise, which can continually update the configuration model (without having to touch the automation templates) to evolve its environments when it wants, as often as it wants, across the entire cloud gamut, enabling DevOps and CI/CD across the board.

In an age of disruption, innovation, massive economies of scale, and high productivity, companies must become agile, innovate, leverage New Tech and reduce their costs. Cloud automation is essential to all of these and we see it as Ground Zero for companies to solve their existing issues around legacy and complexity. Cloud automation also underpins the essential instant delivery mechanism to make IT systems and staff efficient and agile. Companies that fail to appreciate and leverage this will struggle more to be competitive”, Franck predicts.

Source :-The 20 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2018