Observit C3: Providing Excellence through Mobile Video Surveillance as a Service

Observit was started in 1994 when its founders left the Telecom R&D wing within the Swedish Telecom, and started, as pioneers, developing products and services using Internet as a strategy. The first hosted video service, VSaaS, was released in 2000 and the brand “Observit” was thus registered.

“We built IP connections to cameras that had no IP back in 1995. We have been developing products that connect things for 20 years. Today, it is called the Internet of Things or IoT. But with 20-years of experience we know that the connection itself is not the hard thing to do. The challenge is to make small units of hardware, the cameras and peoplecounters, a stable, reliable and accessible enterprise system, all put together as a service. Let the customer use the system instead of configuring and managing,” said Lars Flodén, CEO.

In 2006, the first IP based Video Management System for public transport. The system was, and still is, a unique product on the market where the technology and the processes are combined with the Enterprise design from telecom solutions. Designed to be the best solution in this particular transportation market using the unique experience from telecom to build Enterprise Mobile services with thousands of units and cameras.

C3, disruptive video surveillance for the mobile fleet 

With Observit C3, the company has completely changed the prerequisites for video surveillance systems in the transport sector.

C3 brings this to a whole new level through long-term lifecycle management, business model and technical architecture that effortlessly and effectively minimizes complexity and creates simplicity for different kinds of internal and external stakeholders. The objective of the Observit C3 is the niche of mobile fleets in the transport sector.

The Connected Camera Cluster, C3 

Onboard mobile video surveillance can be a complicated business, from keeping hardware functioning and up to- date to making sure that authorized stakeholders have access to the evidence they need.

Yet there is an easier way to manage it not just on a single bus or vehicle, but on every bus in a complete fleet. With a unique, cloud-connected subscription service, customers can achieve a cost-effective management of the onboard surveillance. No matter how many vehicles or how wide the area to serve, customers can experience high reliability and a low cost of ownership. With extreme low complexity to install and establish locally in vehicles and centrally managed in the cloud, Observit C3 is truly a disruptive solution in this market and ready to be used anywhere, anytime, without any hurdles or limitations.

Using well-proven unique technology, no geographical limitations and in a partnership with the leading IP camera supplier Axis Communications, Observit C3 will be a success in the fragmented market of enterprise solutions in the transportation market.

Lifecycle management and low TCO 

In public transport vehicles are often running for 10 years or more. With C3, it is equally easy to manage surveillance equipment across your fleet, regardless of the age of the vehicle.

With C3 as a service all devices are automatically updated with new functionality when available, regardless of the age of the vehicle. Devices are configured and updated remotely, having the same settings and functions fleet-wide, even if the business operations change, increase or decrease. The C3 service will adapt to the customers actual business.

Each installed vehicle and system behaves in the same way, no matter what the age of the vehicle or camera, depot or geography. Better still, each system checks its health and reports this via the cloud. Systems are always monitored without having to check them in person.

Best-in-class Solution Offerings 

C3 focus is in transport, a niche market, where Observit has built the system to be best-in-class. A centrally monitored and managed cloud service where it is easy to monitor and get an actual status of all units and access recordings and real-time streaming.

The C3 service does not require any resource intensive specialist competence to manage the system, the company has put a lot of work and development to make C3 extremely easy to install, use and manage.

C3 reduces the large number of hardware components used in normal video surveillance systems. No other recorders or rugged PC’s etc are needed in the vehicle. Just connect the C3 cameras to the network and it will be up and running. Less hardware, smarter software is making the solution much more flexible and independent of future changes in technology.

No expertise is needed to use or install C3, no training to users needed. Easy to access recorded video, audio and real-time video. Designated resources could be granted access. E.g. Police, insurance companies or other stakeholders, which speed up the time to access video and limit the resource needed for management and support.

Future Expansion 

The Observit C3 makes it easy to expand within all segments of transportation including all kind of mobile units that need enterprise remote management capabilities, not only surveillance video system. Observit have already expanded the concept to also include people counters. The C3 system also include support for advanced event management, making external signals from the vehicle, GPS or telematics be a part of the video. Event management making actions such as alarm buttons, indicators, speed, driver behavior etc. all available as metadata in the video. Still all managed within the C3, Connected Camera Cluster.

With Observit C3 and the cloud service there are no limitations, the company is able to expand its presence geographically worldwide. In the first phase of expansion, Observit already have partners reselling the service in the western world which comprises all European countries and the US.

Nobina Case Study – Public Transportation 

Nobina chose Observit, together with Axis network cameras. The solution had to be simple to configure and manage while also satisfying Nobinas requirements for quality and reliability. More than 10,000 cameras installed on buses in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The Result 

Nobina was able to increase safety and security for both their bus passengers and their drivers. The system is easy to install and monitor centrally, eliminating the costly requirement for engineers to manually retrieve data from each individual unit. The new high-definition surveillance system also makes it easy for police to immediately and remotely access highquality image material in real time and for forensic review, enabling an effective and timely response. The image material in vehicles can be obtained in real time or downloaded via the network for further analysis.

Knowing the CEO 

Lars is a great relationship builder and is able to see the bigger picture in terms of strategy using his in-depth technical as well as business understanding. He deals with anything and everything with calm and has an open mind to find positive solutions to difficult situations, whether they be locally, regionally or globally. Before helming the CEO role at Observit, Lars held several positions at Steria, Sun Microsystems and Capgemini.

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