nVision Global: Offering Solutions to a Broader Array of Logistics Services Worldwide

Global competition, in all industries, continues to increase in scope and intensity. Demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets and increased consumer customization, are driving the need for customized TMS and logistics solutions within these industries. Headquartered in McDonough, GA, nVision Global Technology Solutions leads the field by providing companies with personal services and software solutions to ensure they remain competitive.

nVision Global is a worldwide leader, providing Global Freight Audit & Payment, Transportation Management Software and Solutions, Claims Processing, Rate Negotiations as well as Logistics Consulting Services.  Through its network of seven strategically placed, corporate-owned, full-service processing centers located in Ningbo (China), Atlanta (USA), San Jose (Costa Rica), Maastricht (Netherlands), Cluj (Romania), New Delhi and Kolkata (India). In addition, they have local representation in Kula Lumpur (Malaysia), Seoul (South Korea), Prague (Czech Republic) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). nVision Global is able to provide its customers with exceptional products and services in the region, time zone, and language they’ve come to expect.

From its roots as a domestic U.S. freight invoice audit & payment company, to the current industry-leading global presence, nVision Global has expanded its offerings into a broad array of logistics software and services for customers seeking a single-source solution. nVision Global provides best-in-class solutions for Freight Audit & Payment, TMS, Supply Chain Services, Claims Management, Global Freight Rate Tender Management & Logistics Analysis.

The solutions provided by nVision Global allow its customers to consolidate their data and management activities with a single, global data warehouse and analytical tools, resulting in increased efficiency and lower overall costs. nVision Global’s unparalleled insight and knowledge of global regulations and processing allows them to leverage their network of relationships with transportation providers around the world to ensure each client’s needs are identified and addressed.  nVision Global’s industry leading approach has catapulted them to a global leader in the logistics industry, with customers in more than 190 countries, and active payment of invoices in more than 50 different currencies.

The Quintessential Leader of nVision

Luther Brown, the Founder and CEO of nVision Global, is a strategic solutions visionary with more than 40 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. With the support and experience of his senior management team, Luther has been able to build a global technology company, based on solutions and services that exceed the expectations of clients, while developing longstanding partnerships based on strategic solutions for the constantly changing global logistics landscape. “I encourage our customers and their supply chain providers to share where they want to be, what they want to accomplish and then we will work  together to get there, together”, asserts Brown.

A resident of Atlanta, GA, USA, Brown enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

A Brief Glance at the Solutions Offered by nVision Global

nVision Global offers a full suite of Logistics Management applications that provides customers complete visibility to their supply chain. By partnering with transportation providers, customers and their vendors around the world, nVision Global has developed solutions that allow seamless integration and visibility for all parties.

An integral component of nVision Global’s software solutions is their Advanced Business Intelligence tools, which have become an invaluable asset for customers.  These tools allow customers to see into their data and finally analyze their shipment details, thus providing opportunities to streamline their logistics processing, optimize their supply chain and ultimately reduce the overall cost burden per shipment.  To keep pace with market trends, nVision Global constantly works with both customers and transportation providers to define and develop solutions that make all parties jobs easier and more efficient.  By partnering with everyone involved, nVision Global remains the ideal choice for customers looking to grow their business in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

Data insight, visibility to one’s global supply chain activity and the ease of access that nVision Global provides, can turn a business around by providing actionable data, cutting expenditures, reducing the stress levels and automating processes.  Informed business decisions can be made and knowledge can be shared inside and outside the company using the data and products provided by the nVision Global. The data and solutions provided by nVision Global also allow customers to create their own knowledge portfolio because all reports, summaries and insights are downloadable in multiple formats.  This allows for even further automation of business processes and error discovery/savings, which leads to further efficiencies gained by customers.

Highlights of nVision Global’s Solutions:

  • Cloud-based TMS Solution that manages the entire supply chain globally, across multiple modes from pickup to delivery, including supplier management, distribution networks and last mile delivery.
  • Online portals automate the bidding and tendering process for each shipment providing seamless online communication between transportation providers & customers.
  • nVision Global specializes in providing global freight invoice audit and payments for customers all over the world.
  • Extensive reporting platforms provide data to clients in a multitude of ways, enabling clients to make intelligent business decisions based on data and not emotion.
  • nVision Global creates routing guides for their customers and their logistics solutions ensure the enforcement of these routing guides.
  • nVision Global assists its clients with loss and damage, service failure and overcharge freight claims processing.
  • nVision Global’s duplicate check validations are expansive and span more than 5 written pages, spanning the broadest of spectrums to the smallest of details, many of which have been discovered over 25 years of business.
  • Online visibility of negotiated freight tariffs through the iPricing module
  • Invoice and backup imaging

The Out-of-the-Box Strategy

Designing configurable solutions with a focus on automation and a greater understanding of normalized data accessed through its advanced analytics applications is the strategy that makes nVision Global unique. nVision Global provides customized solutions that no other company does, but that all customers need. This has been the differentiating factor leading to nVision Global becoming the global leader in supply chain services, with a customer base that continues to grow throughout the world.

Attracting Clients from Diverse Sectors

nVision Global serves clients in varied sectors including Aerospace, Electronics and Technology, Automotive, Retail, Medical, Chemical, Industrial Goods, and Business Services. The reason for this diverse client portfolio is that nVision Global offers world-class software and services, while maintaining the flexibility and creativity of a much smaller company.

Another reason for this diverse clientele is that companies in all sectors are looking for the solutions to these problems that nVision Global provides; reducing overhead, reduce freight spend, gain transparency to shipping costs and expenses prior to invoice generation, gain visibility to shipment details, gain visibility to accounting and reporting discrepancies between internal regions are some of the good benefits for the clients.

The Future Vision

Having been in business for more than 25 years, Luther Brown, the CEO and leader of nVision Global is now looking forward to expanding the business and establish more branches in more locations throughout APAC and LATAM countries in near future. While answering questions for this article, Brown summarized his future plans as “growth, new products, and new solutions”.

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