Nubera: Enabling Customers to Discover the Power of Automation

IT infrastructure is going through an evolution from hardware and software dependent organizations to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud technologies. This has ensured optimal flexibility of businesses and has encouraged innovation.

There is a lot of talk ongoing concerning the VMware platform, Automation and Orchestration Processes. Many IT organizations are looking forward to transform their way of building, consuming and delivering IT resources into the advanced and simplified one. With emerging trends like cloud computing, mobile applications, user interfaces and analytics receiving conventional acceptance, the automation and orchestration processes are experiencing an upswing in interest.

With a firm belief that IT organizations are missing out on business opportunities by spending too much time on manual and repetitive jobs, Nubera marked its existence into the VMware industry. It became the mission of Nubera to enable IT organizations to become innovative, flexible and cost-effective through automation & orchestration processes.

The ultimate vision of the company stands at delivering any IT service on any platform with a single click.

Flourishing the VMware Arena with distinctive solutions

By mainstreaming virtualization, VMware has transformed data center for the better. In addition to the cloud enabling technologies that VMware offers, Nubera has built a wealth of experience integrating different cloud and automation technologies through its SPOT methodology. Its focus on cloud management, configuration management and service enablement has definitely added a value in delivering sound solutions to its customers. It uses different technologies besides VMware to offer its services, such as Ansible, Puppet, Powershell DSC, Hashicorp’s Terraform, etc.

Nubera believes that IT automation consumes less time and takes away repetitive tasks out of the equation for employees, thereby enabling them to focus on more important tasks. As a result, by transforming IT infrastructure to a cloud enabled model, organizations are able to reduce costs, speed up the time to the market and serve the business better than ever.

Needless to mention, it is never easy to integrate tools and orchestrate changes throughout the infrastructure; whether it is for deploying, operating and managing bare metal servers, virtual machines or containers in public or private cloud environments. Though transforming an IT infrastructure to a cloud enabled model is an intricate process requiring a distinct strategy and careful planning, Nubera strives hard to relieve organizations from time consuming and repetitive manual work. However, the company believes that infrastructure as a code is the way forward for any IT organization.

Turning challenge into opportunity

‘New challenges open the door for new opportunities’

seems to be the mantra for Nubera. It believes that in terms of automation adoption, the general market has merely crossed the chasm and is now in the early majority phase. Now the biggest challenge for the company is to keep pace with the demand and constantly add the right talent to its workforce. Through this, Nubera can continue to deliver quality and get ahead with the innovation.

An ultimate combination of Trio

There are three pioneers who stand atop the company hierarchy – Dirk De Meirsman, Founder, Tom Arentsen, CTO, and Bert Arnauts, CEO.

Dirk was one of the first employees of VMware in Benelux and has been instrumental in developing the business for the same. In 2011, Dirk left VMware to drive business for Nimbula, now acquired by Oracle, and later Veeam Software.

To accomplish the vision of ‘Any IT Service, Any Platform, Single Click, ’Dirk joined forces with Tom Arentsen in late 2013. Later in 2017, the duo joined hands with Bert Arnauts, who was also at the cradle of VMware in Benelux and has since build the business for Veeam Software and Nutanix in Belgium & Luxembourg.

A Valuable Contribution to VMware Platform

With an aim to help organizations benefit from the multicloud world, VMware is building a solid solution portfolio and partnership landscape. Through this, organizations would be able to seamlessly run businesses both in private and public clouds.

However, public clouds offer companies the advantage of continuous commercial innovation, managing workloads across private and public clouds means disparate tools, skill sets, policies, and processes. In regard to this, Nubera believes that no single tool or solution delivers everything that an organization needs. Thus, it complements VMware technology with expertise and other technologies to deliver a complete architecture.

An Evolutionary Step towards the Future

Nubera has built a solid business in Belgium and Luxembourg. Since last year, Nubera is expanding its business across The Netherlands and France. Considering a technological point of view, it will expand next to its product consulting business into Managed Automation Services.

Nubera was recognized as an Elite reselling partner by Nutanix, a recognized market leader, the highest level in their partnership program. In addition to this, Nubera was also awarded as Nutanix’s first Premier Consulting Partner in Benelux. With these great achievements, Nubera hopes to strengthen its strategic bond with Nutanix in the upcoming years. It is striving hard to provide innovative and better solutions to its customers, in the near future.

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