Nordcloud: Delivering All-Inclusive Cloud Services across Europe

Cloud computing, through the course of development of the software industry, has turned into a basic necessity for numerous organizations to function efficiently. It comes with a broad list of benefits that allow organizations to relish flexibility in their development and operations, and connections and communications, globally. Accessing the data stored on cloud is an effortless task as there are a surging number of web-enabled devices and applications that are partaking in this process efficiently.

Nordcloud is one such leader in public hyper-scale cloud services inclusive of infrastructure and cloud native applications, across Europe. The company has completed more than 500 cloud deployments, delivering its enterprise customers high security, agility to meet business needs, scalability as well as overall cost savings. With 300 cloud experts across Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the organization offers a full range of cloud-integration services for companies across Europe.

The Conception of an Idea 

Nordcloud’s roots are placed in a software company that started in 2006. Later in 2011, partly same founders ramped up a cloud infra focused company with a mission of helping organizations gain the maximum benefits the cloud has to offer. Today, the two companies have amalgamated into one brand, Nordcloud; present in eight countries in Europe, and aiming to initiate three more by the end of 2018.

Since 2011, the company has grown into a global leader of cloud services having its offices in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Salo, Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Amsterdam and Poznan.

An Ambitious Leader 

Jan Kritz, the CEO of Nordcloud, has a long career in technology industry. He began his journey with the company at the start of 2018. He displays his exuberance about the opportunities public cloud offers: general agility and the impact on the business. Jan sees the market adopting public cloud faster than before and hence believes that majority of the new innovations occur in that area.

He shares the vision of Nordcloud which is, ‘deliver cloud only with automated solutions and by global skilled talent pool.’ This vision caters well to the company’s customers’ demand of the public cloud.

“I’m excited to join the European cloud pioneer Nordcloud and work together with our world-class cloud experts and global partners to deploy cloud technologies that generate maximum value for our customers – without them having to consider the constraints of a legacy integrator,” says Kritz while sharing his insights on the company.

Innovative Zeniths 

Nordcloud’s aim is to empower its customers to disrupt their industry. “We go above and beyond in helping our customers maximizing the benefits of the public cloud. Leveraging the public cloud is the only way to truly transform and future-proof their business,” exerts Kritz. The organization works multi-cloud and is a preferred partner to its strategichyperscale cloud partners; namely, AWS, Microsoft and Google, allowing it to deliver cutting-edge cloud-native solutions.

Nordcloud offers services and solutions that both optimize and accelerate business. The Business Optimization offerings are mainly IT infrastructure services for cloud foundation and IT transformation. The company envisions modernizing its customers’ IT by moving the infrastructure and applications to the public cloud, introducing maximum agility and flexibility for the business and creating the foundation for business innovation.

Meanwhile, the Business Acceleration offerings are about the cloud native applications and data driven business services. It allows innovative business processes in creating new insights for better decision making, quickly adapting to changing competition, leapfrogging the competition and building solutions that disrupt the industry.

Treading through Travails 

Nordcloud has a prolonged list of opportunities for supporting its customers in their journey and allowing migration from Mode 1 applications/workloads to Mode 2 eventually.

The organization’s target is to deliver high quality service experience for business units, like the best support for developers when deploying bus applications in Mode 2. It has built a Cloud Competence Center concept to train and develop further, the needed abilities and skills within an agile governance model. In this way Nordcloud has specialized in aiding its customers to help themselves by ramping up their cloud capability.

Kritz expresses, “companies at times, don’t have the needed competence in adequate numbers and there doesn’t seem to be enough at the market either, hence training is needed. We are training for Microsoft Azure and also for AWS which has very limited number of partners in the field.”

Market Distinction and Customer Gratification 

Nordcloud offers full stack of cloud services to deliver public cloud experience. It has a multi-cloud approach and works with all major players in the cloud services industry. It offers customers, a structured cloud journey to optimize and accelerate their business.

The organization often refers to three key benefits of the cloud, viz. agility to meet business needs, the ready available platform services of public cloud e.g. IoT interfaces, Datalakes, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and high security/low TCO cloud services. This extensive list of offerings makes Nordcloud stand out from its competitors.

Envisioning a New Dawn of Triumphs 

Nordcloud is aiming to grow with double digits and expand geographically in Europe. It is working proximally with its hyper-scale partners AWS, Microsoft as well as Google, and is constantly recruiting and investing in its people in terms on training and certifying as many experts as possible in order to ensure right and deep level of skills.

Source :-Insights Success Recognition of Excellence in DevOps 2018

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