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Next-Generation Automotive Tech Solution Providers

Italdesign: Bringing Italian Perfection in Automotive Design

Have you ever wondered, if your car was designed by an Italian company with great heritage and typical Italian classic design language? If yes, then Italdesign is the perfect stop to rely on. With fifty years of experience, it has worked closely with car makers starting from the first product definition up to the start of production. Companies in the automotive sector can benefit from Italdesign’s consultancy services for various turnkey projects, covering all the phases through the development of styling, concept and vehicle architecture, series engineering, simulation, prototyping, testing and final production tuning……
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Company of the Month

IES Synergy: Market Leader of Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Offering new cost-saving, efficient charging solutions to potential users is key in pushing the largest number possible towards moving to an electric vehicle. IES Synergy has long been convinced that of all the alternatives, electromobility based on rapid charging solutions is an essential factor in combating climate disruption……
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Next-Generation Automotive Tech Solution Providers, 2019