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Rolf Sorg | Founder & CEO | PM-International

PM-International: Making a global impact in the Health and Wellness Industry

On an individual level, working from the comfort of our homes—although involuntarily—has evidently had an adverse impact on our personal and social lives – courtesy, […]

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Oskar Thorvaldsson, Founder & CEO of PureNSM
PureNSM: Demonstrating the Core Principle of Clean Labels

A good diet is a key towards achieving well-maintained health. But sometimes, diet alone is not enough for maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially, given the […]

Per Rehné, CEO of Clasado Bioscience
Clasado Biosciences: Providing Clinically Proven Prebiotic Solutions

The necessity of maintaining good ‘gut health’ is something that is often overlooked by many. Gut health refers to the function and balance of bacteria […]