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Neelima Parasker: Redefining the Parameters of Technology and Entrepreneurship

The intersection of technology, innovation, and deep business acumen, altogether form a strategic leadership. Accumulating expertise in these three areas, Neelima Parasker, the Founder, President and CEO of SnapIT Solutions, has held […]

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Elon Musk Personality Traits | Successful Personality Traits

Legends never need an introduction. They tend to be victorious despite their uneventful histories. They stick to captivating traits such as Discipline, determination, and self-belief […]

Quality of Good Leader [ Insights Success ]
Attributes of a Good Leader

Leadership is about using the power of a position to empower a group of people in order to attain a common goal. A leader’s task […]

Breaking the barriers of Gender in Corporate Culture

So, I wrote a book called ‘Wise Eyes’ – See Your Way to Success’ and another one called ‘Clear Boundaries’- Every Business Women Essential Safety Guide’ and both were released […]

When a women steps up

Historically, when you think “women entrepreneurs” you think of women working in the cottage industries, doing small time services from home, and doing work of benevolent societies. But when […]

Ways to Sustain the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Women

In 2016 I left my job as the CCO of a very successful tech scale up. I wanted to start a journey by myself in this great […]

Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Women

Just today I had a young and enthusiastic women call me up asking for advice and maybe some pointers on how to bring her vision to life. […]

Dr. Nazli Azimi: Building the Paths to an Immune Future

The steady ascension in the number of women in  STEM disciplines exhibits a promising picture of a gender neutral global development. The women of today’s technological era […]

Dr. Silvia Veronese: A Passionate Leader and Customer Advocate

In an interview with Insights Success, Dr. Silvia Veronese, Vice President of Global Customer Success at Guavus, a Thales company, shares her insights on leadership and how her […]

Kiran Bhagotra: Making CyberSecurity Simple, Quick and Affordable

In an interview with insights success, Kiran Bhagotra, the CEO and Founder of ProtectBox Ltd shares her vital insights on heading a technology business and making cyber-security simple, […]

Nina Tumanishvili: Connecting Like-minded People through Technology

The technology has become a global phenomenon which is connecting people from all corners of the world. An ardent entrepreneur, Nina Tumanishvilli, the CEO and Founder of HelloHub, realized that […]

Zoë Condliffe: Advocating for Global Women’s Empowerment

Most of the women in the corporate world face experiences of sexual assault and gender based violence all the time. But very few of such […]

Michelle O’Connor: An Expert, a Leader, an Inspiration

In the strife to be an inspirational leader, one needs to inculcate profound patience, absolute perseverance, steadfast drive and infinite empathy. When a woman, who possesses these virtues, is […]