Cover Story

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan, President of Ruby Has Fulfillment

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan: Making Your Supply Chain Experience Straightforward

The pandemic caused disruptions in every known business; however, it essentially hit the supply chain industry waves after waves forcing companies to level up their […]

Project Listings

Alma Arzate, Director of Global Supply Chain Logistics at Apotex
Alma Arzate: Leading the Way and Helping Others to Succeed

Life is uncertain, and the only constants are growth and challenges. If one perceives the problems as opportunities to improve, growth is inevitable. Similarly, when […]

Claire Bretzke, VP of Global Marketing at Ruby Has Fulfillment
Claire Bretzke: Delivering Results-Driven Multitudes of Marketing

When it comes to marketing in any business, it is considered the most central communication element. If carried out with proper strategic perspective and operational […]

Jessica Burgess, Director of Business Development at Ruby Has Fulfillment
Jessica Burgess: Strengthening the Roots in the Supply Chain Industry

Coordinating overall logistics with an intent to minimize cost and maximize the efficiency of the supply chain, Jessica Burgess redefines the way of thinking about […]

Maria Villablanca: Navigating the Complexities of Changing Business Models in Supply Chain

The intricacies in the supply chain are increasing with each passing day; even though technological advancement and data bring additional value to the process, the […]

Mariam Saad of TELUS
Mariam Saad: Maximizing Profitability in Supply Chains

The transition in the supply chain industry is near, and to bring this change, it’s important to understand the end-to-end supply base mapping and ensure […]

Sarah Humphrey, CEO of Let’s Talk Supply Chain
Sarah Barnes-Humphrey: Leading with Perseverance and Giving Voice to Supply Chain Community

Since the start of the pandemic, the supply chain industry has been facing issues such as an onslaught of shortages, disruptions, and delays. But competent […]