MLG Blockchain Consulting: Building Decentralized Applications using Blockchains

The blockchain industry is drawing immense interest as a disruptive way of driving growth across startups, enterprises and governments. One global leader focusing on building decentralized applications using blockchains and smart contract technology is MLG Blockchain Consulting.

With headquarters in Toronto, Montreal and New York City, Major League Growth (MLG) has a distributed team across North America, Europe and Asia. It aims to become the premier organization to help businesses enter the blockchain ‘major leagues’ through its specialized team and global network of strategic partners.

MLG also helps ambitious university students and young professionals enter the Blockchain industry by hosting blockchain hackathons and collegiate case competitions that companies use to recruit top talent. 

An Experienced CEO

Michael Gord, founder and CEO, is the mastermind behind MLG Blockchain Consulting. Michael holds a degree in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Information Systems from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

There, he founded the McGill Cryptocurrency Club and co-founded the McGill Students Fintech Association. His goal was to grow awareness and thought leadership for blockchain within the university and in the city of Montreal. Michael also founded Bitcoin Canada while at McGill to scale and connect the operations of the clubs established across Canada. He then joined forces with the College Cryptocurrency Network and helped rebrand it to the Blockchain Education Network.

After graduating, Michael made the first donation of bitcoin to the McGill Alumni Association. He then founded MLG Blockchain Consulting to focus his energies full-time on digital currency and blockchain.

Michael has launched several global annual events, including Bitcoin Airdrop, Blockchain Education Month, Blockchain Madness, Blockchain Gauntlet and BlockHacks. These events introduce thousands of people global each year to digital currency and to the disruptive potential of blockchain technology.

Michael has developed a reputation as being at the center of the global ‘cryptokid’ movement to which global enterprises are eager to gain access.

Turning Hurdles into Triumphs

The blockchain space is incredibly fast-paced and this brings uncertainty to the table while discussions on regulations impact clients’ prospects in both the short and long term. However, MLG believes that the industry’s biggest challenge is also its biggest opportunity and aims to excel in the same space.

In Michael’s first year in the blockchain industry, he lost 15 Bitcoins after mislaying his crypto-wallet’s private key, a lesson worth around $150,000 at today’s Bitcoin price. It was then that he learned the importance of proper security measures for both personal and organizational usage.

With the demand for blockchain projects skyrocketing, MLG Blockchain Consulting is now receiving well over one hundred requests weekly for its array of services. The firm is in a great position within the industry and wants to become the premier blockchain venture creation and consulting company in the world with cutting-edge case studies across multiple industries.

Beyond the Competition

MLG Blockchain has built a culture of ‘intrapreneurship’ with a ‘get-it-done’ mentality. The entire team is aware that they can run with projects without being micromanaged.

Its team of young and passionate professionals who are hardworking and flexible and who thrive at being responsive and planning for multiple scenarios. From Holland to Canada, the United States, India, Vietnam, Mozambique and among others, the team members are all over the world and represent many different cultures and nationalities. By being in many places at one time, the global MLG Blockchain team is able to provide representation for clients all around the world.

The company’s partnerships are a primary driver of consistent growth for MLG Blockchain. It is always open to collaborating with the top firms across the world who can add value to its clients’ businesses and help in growing the global blockchain ecosystem. MLG is eager to position itself strongly in the changing industry landscape and has launched new companies such as Crypto Media Global which offer complementary services and expand their offerings to ensure that the firm remains an industry leader in new lines of business.

Infinite Potential

As the blockchain industry booms around the world, large enterprises, public companies and even governments are beginning to invest into Blockchain solutions, in addition to the hundreds of new startups entering the industry.

Scaling solutions for Blockchain protocols, such as Raiden for Ethereum, Lightning for Bitcoin and Trinity for NEO are being deployed into production. These solutions have the potential to quickly increase the number of transactions per second to a number far greater than what even Visa, the historical leader in this category, can handle.

There is a huge demand from universities to offer classes and degrees in Blockchain technology while high school students are going to hackathons and building next generation applications. This seems to be a great time for the industry.

MLG Blockchain is building the foundation of the 21st-century economy and is at the forefront of a technology paradigm. It aims to pioneer the blockchain revolution and launch some of the most exciting businesses to take the Blockchain ecosystem mainstream.

As long as MLG Blockchain continues to grow in the same direction and at the same speed it has so far, the young blockchain firm is well on its way to making this a reality.

Source :-The Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation