Microsoft Plans on Extending AccountGuard Services to Healthcare Organizations

Microsoft’s cybersecurity program, AccountGuard will be now made available to hospitals, clinics, device manufacturers, frontline providers, life science companies (researching treatments) and also laboratories. The company announced extending the availability of this security service program to help healthcare organizations guard against cyber attacks.

This program monitors any threat actors targeting enterprise mailboxes and personal email accounts of employees or volunteers who opt-in. By doing this, it provides Microsoft’s threat-intelligence teams an overview of typical attack avenues.

In case of any threats found, the team later notifies the organizations enrolled in AccountGuard so that they can take steps to stop the attack. The Microsoft team will also guide the organization to help root out the source of the attack.

The company has also decided to extend the availability of this service to Human Rights organizations as well. The company further announced that the AccountGuard for Healthcare and Human Rights organization will be initially available in 29 countries, where the service (of AccountGuard) is already available. The company has announced that this offer will be available until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.