Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading your passion, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. The famous world leaders are armed with such empowering traits. Their unwavering passion and compassionate leadership is a major driving force behind the success of any organization. One such humble and passionate leader is the Managing Director of Media 33Michael Lambert.

Media33 is a bespoke media buying/communications agency, that specializes in providing clients with high level advice and expertise, to deliver sound business growth. With sound strategic and responsible recommendations, the company bestows its clients with cost-effective ways of advertising which assures the clients that their investment works, prior to blowing it all in one hit. As a Managing Director of Media33, Michael negotiates annual deals across all media platforms and delivers supreme success with his precise leading precisions.

Stepping into a New Horizon 

Michael began working in the media industry in 1998. Since then he has been extensively contributing in this innovative and forward thinking industry. He mentions that, during his exploring period, the media organizations emphasized on an individual’s capability to work hard and a willingness to learn; the academic qualifications were not considered as a major part. There were not many schools or colleges that taught media. Hence, whatever he learned in that period, he learned through guiding personas and his own experiences. While explaining about his initial phase in media industry Michael asserts, “It can be an extremely hard slog in the early days in this industry, long hours for not a huge amount of reward, but if you can stick at it and ride the good times and bad, it’s extremely fulfilling and an industry I feel privileged to be part of.”

Michael was deeply influenced by some of his mentors that played a vital part in shaping his career. He ardently mentions, Bob Baddock. Bob was extremely experienced and had been in the industry since its inception back in the 70’s with Harold Mitchell. Michael met Bob at Mitchell & Partners and started working for him at the age of 30. It was Bob who encouraged Michael and guided him through this period. Instead of being loud and flashy and playing political games, Bob preferred being humble, honest and hardworking. This advice resonated with Michael throughout his career and made a significant impact on each of his professional decisions.

Overpowering Roadblocks with an Approach Driven by Values 

Trust, Honesty and Integrity are the core values at Media33. These values have formed a positive work environment and a non-hierarchical approach in the organization which accommodates in overpowering every roadblock. Michael believes roadblocks and challenges infiltrate businesses when values are not matched, or team members don’t agree with them.

Thus, his company allows its employees to create their own happy and comfortable day to day environment that enables them to take their own leadership. As a managing Director, Michael focuses his efforts to build such environments and believes such ingenuities deliver added productivity that can’t be underestimated.

An Advice of a Passionate Believer 

Michael has been in the media industry for nearly two decades. He has helped several organizations around the globe with excellent outcomes. He strives to provide his clients with a high level of expertise and qualitative campaigns irrespective of shape, size and advertising budget or their organization. Michael’s professional astuteness is bespoken in the media industry.

Michael advises advertising industry enthusiast to stay passionate about what they do. He asserts, “The number one characteristic that everyone should have in life, not just CEO’s at work, is to be passionate about what you do. Without passion, you have nothing. It should be the cornerstone of everything that you do, or care about.” He believes the passion is thing that enriches individual’s ability to do their best work and fuels them to find self- fulfillment.  He also emphasizes on having an unwavering trust on what you believe. He mentions “If you feel you’ve found a niche, Heading towards

Future with Adaptable Plans 

Michael trusts there is a fruitful future ahead for Media33. While expressing about the future perspectives, he states “We can plan for the future, but at the end of the day, you need to be adaptable to change and if that means revising plans to be innovative and managing growth responsibly, it needs to be done”. He has made some astonishing plans for the next 6-12 months, but he emphasizes that Media33 is extremely considerate of revising plans and direction every one or two months. He beliefs are, that that is what keeps active people engaged and helps them in being creative.

Source :-The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch 2018

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