Metrendalytics: Novel Informatics Solutions

The pharma and biotech industry is undergoing a gradual shift from traditional paper-driven processes to modern technology-driven ones. Advances in information technology are showcasing data’s powerful ability to streamline clinical trial execution when supported by proper analytics.

As the cost of research and development rises because of increasingly complex protocols and stringent regulatory requirements, it has become crucial to maintain proper oversight of clinical trials, programs, and projects. This helps prevent major setbacks and ensures adherence to quality standards, expected timelines, and projected return on investment (ROI).

The industry needs technology solutions which allow companies to make measurable improvements to their operations and ensure process transparency. Metrendalytics LLC is a firm delivering on both these counts.

Metrendalytics provides custom solutions which target operational innovation. It has experience in innovative business solution development and can deliver near real-time information, greater control, improved communication, and reduced operational costs.

A Veteran Leader 

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto is a Founder and President of Metrendalytics LLC. She has over three decades of industry experience and extensive knowledge in Research and Development.

Jan has an in-depth understanding of data analytics, process optimization, and risk-based quality management strategies. She has been recognized many times for her work, including as a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s who in 2017. Jan was also featured in the 60th edition of Who’s Who in America, and the 25th edition of the Who’s Who of American Women.

She holds a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and Mathematics from the City University of New York. Prior to her current role, Jan worked at some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies such as Eisai Medical Research, Nexgenix Pharmaceutical, Par Pharmaceutical, Purdue Pharma, and Novartis.

She is the co-author of over twenty scientific papers and the holder of two global patents. With her extensive knowledge, Jan is contributing to improving a drug improvement outcome.

Customized, Flexible Solutions 

Metrendalytics LLC consulting focuses on helping companies centralize operational data across disparate sources via automated uploads for real-time use. It provides highly-customized and flexible solutions, enabling real-time data access which helps to actively manage operational performance, mitigate risk, and shape smarter business decisions.

The company’s business approach allows them to create complex applications faster than off-the-shelf commercial applications. The company has a deep understanding of available technology to provide end-to-end applications.

From Challenges to Better Decisions 

The ability to drive insightful business analysis requires a foundation of operational data. In contrast to clinical data, operational data currently lacks industry-defined standards to support its interchange between various data acquisition sources and an operational database.

Standardization requires deciphering various names and codes, which is a tedious process that requires in-depth clinical knowledge and a holistic view of the clinical trial process. The failure to standardize operational data gathered from multiple sources has been the chief obstacle preventing companies from unleashing the power buried in their operational data.

By overcoming these challenges, Metrendalytics is able to create meaningful change in the marketplace. After nearly three decades in the life sciences industry in many diverse roles and having experienced the frustration of the inability to access to project information, the company knows how to drive better business decisions.

Its competitive advantage lies in having extensive R&D experience. By leveraging that knowledge and combining it with current technologies, Metrendalytics is able to improve drug development outcomes.

Distinctive Features 

Metrendalytics focuses on providing valuable business solutions in the core areas of their domain expertise. The company understands complex requirements and translates them quickly into simple, cost-effective solutions. It offers customized software uniquely designed and molded around company-specific business models and processes.

Metrendalytics uses modern technology to solve the challenges of streamlining trial execution, increasing data quality, and shortening timelines. This helps to get drugs to market sooner and at a fraction of price of traditional approaches.

There is so much data available from trials that clients can be overwhelmed and frustrated. Metrendalytics’s extensive research and development knowledge helps them to deliver accurate analytics and quick feedback to these clients.

Future Roadmap 

Metrendalytics plans to provide an integrated solution consolidated view of all operational data on one shared platform that can foster interaction and collaboration while reducing risk. The organization will also continue to explore the potential application of blockchain technology to research and development in terms of supply chain management, sample tracking, and other areas.

Metrendalytics is just not about the technology; the company also understands how technology can drive business in a way that it is able to evolve and quickly adapt to a shifting competitive landscape and its changing data needs.

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