Robert O’Brien | Founder & CEO | MetaCompliance

MetaCompliance: Redefining the Benchmarks of Cyber Security and Compliance

Ever since the digitization, the implementation of upgraded technology and the race of being available digitally has spontaneously increased. Though businesses are more indulged in digital aspects, they are in need of a secure and strong Cyber Security system. The markets are filled with many such Cyber Security providers yet only few prove to be reliable. Meet MetaCompliance, a leading Cyber Security and compliance specialist which offers their clients a one-stop-shop management solution to engage users, provide defence against cyber threats, and deliver regulator reporting. The company’s mission is to help organizations to keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets and help protect their corporate reputation.

Glimpse into MetaCompliance 

Robert O’Brien, Founder and CEO states that he had previous experience working in software and was involved in a company that sold a portfolio of Cyber Security products. He had heard repeatedly about companies seeking a solution that would enable them to evidence employee attestation of policies. He also emphasizes on an issue that organisations were facing large financial sanctions and risking their corporate reputation due to a lack of attestation management. In 2005, this type of product did not exist and he soon recognised, there was a real demand and opportunity in the market for a solution that would allow companies to provide the evidential weight to defend themselves and was easy to consume for the end user.

Exceptional Solutions to Rely On 

MetaCompliance is a leading Cyber Security and compliance specialist dedicated to helping businesses to keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets, and protect their corporate reputation. It has created a world leading SaaS platform that provides a one-stop-shop management solution to engage users, provide defence against cyber threats, and deliver regulator reporting. The company’s innovative cloud platform provides their customers with a fully integrated suite of software solutions that includes policy management, e-learning, simulated phishing, privacy, awareness campaigns and incident management. Moreover, since the year 2005, the company have been supporting organizations around the world to develop responses to the growing cyber threat and implement strategies to defend against regulatory scrutiny.

Into the Shoes of Robert 

Robert O’Brien is the CEO and founder of MetaCompliance. He is involved in all aspects of the business. Most importantly, Robert’s role is supporting innovation-driven-growth and leading multiple teams towards a common goal. Robert enjoys the development of ideas through to finished products and projects. He feels passionately about the necessity for organisations to invest in keeping their people safe online and protect their digital assets.

In addition, he emphasizes on the culture that the company follows, he states that it is and always has been the most important factor in MetaCompliance’s success. It is founded on the principle of Extreme Ownership developed by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Extreme Ownership runs through every aspect of the business from its people to its processes. Embedding Extreme Ownership has created leadership at every level and a culture of accountability to achieve its mission. This in effect has enabled the company to move faster, operate more effectively, get results and learn continuously.

Being Socially Responsible 

Robert states that Corporate Social Responsibility represents an organisation’s impact on society and how this is embedded into its everyday strategy. He believes business can pursue its self-interest while doing good work for society. Currently, CSR is no longer a measure of good will but a measure of being a good business and organizations are increasingly judged on their merits and ethics. Prioritising CSR directly impacts the type of customers, employees, and suppliers and stakeholders that a company attracts. For MetaCompliance, the key is a long term commitment and leading by example. The company’s aspiration is to become the “go to” solution for organisations that need to ensure Cyber Security awareness and manage their privacy life cycle. Their goal is to become a leader in Cyber Security software and to achieve such the company is expanding in Europe and North America.