Massive Networks: Seamless Business Operations

It is virtually impossible to imagine our professional and personal lives without the Internet. Even five minute lapse of downtime can wreak havoc on an organization. Massive Networks ensures that never happens.

Massive Networks specializes in Premium-Blended Internet and Layer 2 Private Line Transport connections from office to- office, data centers, and cloud applications for facilities, including those that are hard to reach.

With a network of over than 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings nation-wide, the company can transform clients’ network connectivity from bandwidth-intensive services with its One Pipe Multi-Connect Solution. Within its solution sets, it builds custom-designed networks for each customer using its blended network approach of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network technologies.

This revolutionary technology design offers multiple and dynamic streams of data through a single pipe, providing superior performance and value for bandwidth-intensive services like voice, data, web services, video, and backups. Best of all, this is delivered on a single handoff from its fiber backbone.

Streamlining Enterprise-Class Data 

Paul Mako is the CEO and CTO of Massive Networks. Born and raised in Minnesota, he graduated at the top of his class in computer science and literature from the University of Colorado. Paul began his journey in custom network engineering in 1996 with Internet Service Provider, RockyNet. He designed a proprietary T1 and security service system that went unchallenged until the advent of VLANs in 2000.

Besides the significant innovations in technology, Paul was also able to expand the infrastructure within a building on a success-based build-out. This allowed him to light up both large and small buildings at a low cost. While the security technology has since surpassed, the inexpensive model for lighting small buildings continues to thrive and find widespread appeal.

Today, Paul oversees the network customization. His goal is to streamline enterprise-class data transport services across the entire domestic carrier system and to 181 countries worldwide. This equates to over 1.7 million buildings.

With his experience in the mergers and acquisitions field, Paul is actively pursuing expansions that can benefit the enterprise sector.

Tackling Challenges and Competition 

According to Massive Networks, the two most common mistakes that network providers make are using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and deploying Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLs) devices that traverse the public Internet. This exposes businesses to data breaches on the backend. Massive Networks eliminates this by delivering solutions through a Layer 2 platform that takes business critical data off the public Internet.

Thanks to the Massive One Pipe Multi-Connect Solution, the organization is now able to penetrate existing infrastructure and merge multiple and dynamic streams of data through a single pipe.

This approach provides the company’s clients with superior performance from bandwidth-intensive services like voice, data, web services, video, and backups. It gives them the speed, performance, and security they need for their daily operations.

Providing Fully-Managed Solutions 

Massive Networks core competency is in Carrier Ethernet and Managed Networking with blended bandwidth for many years.

Most carriers offer bandwidth through one connection; Massive distinguishes itself in its unique ability to merge up to 12 carrier connections on a single solution. Though their primary focus is not bandwidth, this blended approach provides clients with an “always on, always available” solution to give the customer with reliable Internet.

Additionally, Massive Networks is known for its multitasking circuit expertise.

Massive has fully adopted the cloud-service approach that the telecom industry is now facing. By offering cloud exchange services that connect directly to all primary cloud providers, the Massive Cloud Exchange connections can bypass the public Internet. Keeping business data within compliance regulations and secure.

Massive Networks can extend an organization’s Wide Area Network (WAN) to include significant cloud platforms from any location, eliminating the need to buy VPNs and MPLs. These platforms deliver advanced high-performance connections that are secure and dedicated to the business.

Tough Problems, Innovative Solutions 

Massive Networks has been designing, procuring, building, and managing networks for two decades. Its relationships with the primary providers are invaluable, and supported by a large number of tie-ups it has with local and regional vendors.

The company rolled out its Cloud Marketplace platform in the fourth quarter of 2017. As with all new services and solutions, spreading the word, building relationships, and developing the product brand can be a bumpy road. However, the quality, scalability, and security of Massive’s products have translated into widespread appeal and uptake.

The company’s primary goal is to increase their penetration of fiber lit-buildings from 2 million to 5 million. Additionally, Massive Networks would like to expand its Cloud Marketplace reach within the private and hybrid cloud sectors from 6 providers to hundreds.

According to Massive Networks, there has been a significant push towards Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) over the past two years. Some of the benefits of SD-WAN are cloud security, easier hybrid cloud deployment, and application performance management. The main problem with this is that it is delivered over an increasingly insecure Internet.

The time for private networking and multitasking larger pipes is now. Carrier Ethernet, unlike SD-WAN, is built in a private network outside of the Internet. The days when only Banks could afford this are gone. Carrier Ethernet offers a significant upgrade to any system, and can even be used in a hybrid with SD-WAN where SD-WAN is the only solution.

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