LaptopsAnytime: Making Technology More Accessible for All

LaptopsAnytime was founded in 2008 with the vision to provide facilities with a convenient turnkey way to transform their space while enhancing technology access. The Company’s automated dispensing kiosks provide access to the right technology at the right time. Accountability is paramount. Space and staff time are limited. The mission is to help facilities “Move Beyond Desktops” and transform old and antiquated computer labs, libraries and device-checkout areas no matter the environment – office, industrial, educational, government — into modern and inviting cafe-style atmospheres, with comfortable multi-use seating and innovative access to “self-service” mobile technology at its core.

No longer does a facility need long rows of tables, chairs and desktops or manual circulation counters with long lines that never seem to grow shorter. Using the self service kiosks, facilities can be eco-friendly, efficient and allow for staff members to focus on serving patrons with value-added services rather than being constantly tied to the never-ending checkout process!

Manual device checkout programs too often end up being a support nightmare and morale killer even when planned for large user populations. Don’t make the mistake of overburdening your circulation and support staff. Instead, use LaptopsAnytime automated dispensing kiosks to meet the needs of large user groups. Facilities around the United States and around the globe have spent the last 30+ years deploying millions of desktop computers and have more recently begun questioning how to smartly move beyond desktops to take advantage of the benefits of mobile devices such as laptops. While some organizations rely upon individual ownership of mobile computers, when it comes to ensuring that everyone within a group has convenient access to technology all the time, or at least when people need tech access, this is a challenging task. Not everyone can have their mobile device with them all the time. Sometimes devices are being repaired.

Manual circulation counters are simply a staff burden and inefficient time-waster and are not cost-effective over the long-term. Furthermore, organizations have a responsibility to meet the demands of their members, patrons, employees and users. There is a growing acknowledgment that automation, especially with a “1-to-Many” focus is the answer to these long-term challenges.

LaptopsAnytime’s singular focus on automated dispensing kiosks that allow for the checkout and return of technology devices brings it a leadership position within the market. LaptopsAnytime’s magic is automating the process such that when the laptop (or tablet or portable power charger) is pushed back into the bay (yes, this is all end user needs to do!) to the locked position, (a) the laptop is docked to power and so is able to recharge automatically and (b) even if laptop is returned in off state, it can be turned back on, (c) device can be returned back to pre-set state, (d) each laptop communicates its battery life to LaptopsAnytime central server so that it is only checked out when it exceeds minimum battery threshold set by administrator, (e) each laptop communicates its presence via RFID card and RFID card reader in every bay where it is docked.

Unlike other products in market (think lockers and carts and cabinets), there is nothing for end user(s) to do but push laptop into bay. Everything else is automatic, including sending notifications out to end users and administrators and authenticating to local databases (ILS and/or LDAP/Active Directory being most common). LaptopsAnytime Co- Founders Matthew Buscher and Jonathan Ruttenberg were inspired by their own experiences with mobile computers, which while generally an improvement over desktops, are not always easily accessible within both public environments and some private facility settings.

LaptopsAnytime continues to expand the devices that it dispenses from its kiosks including wide range of enterprise laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple and Google, Apple iPads and even Portable Power Chargers (see that include 110V outlets.

It is important to move beyond desktops to make mobile devices easily accessible. 

It has been said that all beginnings are difficult as it takes time to prove that a new approach is superior to the status quo. LaptopsAnytime now does more than 2+ Million Automated Checkouts annually at kiosks deployed across the United States and on five continents around the globe. LaptopsAnytime looks forward to continually expanding its reach and helping more and more organizations with their self-service device checkout needs to move beyond desktops and to increase accessibility to technology devices.

The Leader

A mechanical engineer by training with a background in kiosk development, Matthew Buscher is Co-Founder and CEO of LaptopsAnytime. In 2002, Matt successfully oversaw the startup of the Powerport, which offered a variety of technological connection solutions for the traveling user, e.g. laptop rentals, internet connected walk up computer stations, cell phone and laptop battery charging stations and more. Matt was involved in leading the company as it expanded to several prominent airport locations. In 2008, Matt joined with fellow Co-Founder Jonathan Ruttenberg and LaptopsAnytime was born.