Lakes Environmental Software: Groundbreaking Software Solution Providers in Environmental Science

Earth is home to all living organisms in this world. However, only human is considered as the dominant one. The imagination of the mankind has changed every bit of the planet and its environment. The rapid changes in the environment are due to the increase in population, industrialization and urbanization. It can be said that all the global environmental problems faced by the world is the undoing of the human being. Amidst all the chaos of this busy world, the environment has been neglected which is now accelerating these problems. This has increased the need to address these problems before we walk into a phase of extinction of our natural resources.

While many nature lovers and environmentalists have come forward with many ways of preserving the ‘Mother Nature’, Lakes Environmental Software has adopted a unique way.  The team of nature lovers at Lakes Environment has injected its need to preserve the environment with technology. Technology, one of the fastest developing and expanding sciences can now be the cause to preserve the environment.

Making Differences that Matter

Anyone can have creative ideas but the ability to put those ideas into action is what matters the most. While most of us just have plans to change the world, Lakes Environmental Software, who has taken the initiative to make this world a better place, stands out as a unique service provider. Founded out of necessity by the company founders to apply its collective technical knowledge and subject matter expertise into a niche market, Lakes Environmental Software is on its way to change the world. Being core environmentalists, the software developed by the team of Lakes Environmental protects the environment and thus making the world a better place to live in. The company’s vision is to provide clients with state-of-the-science environmental IT solutions and data services that will allow them to make a positive difference. While the end goal of the company is to avert pollution risks through technology, the clients of Lakes Environmental are benefited with one of the best softwares that provide additional value to their customers, stakeholders and the public.

Delivering Solutions for a Better World

Lakes Environmental Software specializes in providing its clients with environmental IT solutions for solving present day pressing challenges including issues in air quality, solid waste and wastewater management, permitting, compliance and reporting. The solutions offered at Lakes Environmental allow companies, regulatory agencies, and consultants to meet their environmental compliance obligations and thereby avoiding enforcement actions and litigation arising from mismanagement of pollution. In addition, these solutions can be benefited by industries to proactively identify corporate risks and also helps in developing strategic mitigation policies to reduce their environmental impacts.

The Benefits Guaranteed

Regulatory authorities have set limits intended to improve air quality, organizations exceeding these limits are penalized millions of dollars and are at times prosecuted with criminal charges. Due to such factors, most organizations are in dire need of a full-blown environment risk management solution that assists them in lessening the risks involved. Lakes Environmental Software’s Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS) comes to the aid in such scenarios. “By implementing our Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS), organizations can identify the contributing risk factors, put in place effective mitigation strategies, and thereby avoid all enforcement actions and penalties saving millions of dollars each year,” quotes Jesse . The cost- effective solutions offered by Lakes Environmental Software is fully integrated and automated which enables its clients in achieving a high return on their investment and in turn pass those savings along to their clients.

Frontrunner of Lakes Environmental Software

Lakes Environmental Software is the output of the intellectual thinking of Jesse L. Thé. Having founded the company, Jesse is also serving as the CEO.  He is the catalyst of Lakes Environmental who spearheads the overall business and operations and is respon­sible for the strategic and growth initiatives of the organization. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, where he also serves as an adjunct professor.

Jesse believes that companies must provide a sense of purpose, a career path, and continuous professional development opportunities and not just good salaries. He quotes, “This is a very important point for us since we are in a field of continuous changes, where professional expertise becomes obsolete very fast.”

In order to maintain a satisfied workforce, Jesse continuously offers unstructured and structured learning opportunities and numerous office amenities that promote a creative and relaxed office environment to his team members. “We truly care about our employees and their families and instill that mindset across the company”, comments Jesse.

Marching Ahead of the Obstacles

This company has been facing two primary difficulties in this niche market, hiring experienced software developers with environmental subject matter expertise and navigating the current political environment where funding for key US environmental regulatory programs have been significantly cut in recent years. However, the company has outshined the challenges. To address the difficulties that reduced funding plays in the US market, steps have been taken to diversify the company into other IT markets including cloud business communication and security solutions. These solutions are marketed under Zebu Infrastructure Online which is a new company division driven to “Optimize the World” by seeking out opportunities and creating intuitive products that improve and optimize the essential parts of work and life.

The company has even solved the problem of hiring candidates with the necessary qualifications by maintaining active recruiting programs, engaging with universities and other scientific organizations that foster the qualification based on its current needs and interests.

The uniqueness of the company comes from the organic interaction that has developed between its most valuable assets, the dedicated and hardworking staffs, state-of-the-science products, extensive user base, technical expertise, commitment to excellence and unmatched customer support. The team of environmental scientists and software developers at Lakes Environmental are specialized in emission inventory, air dispersion modeling, air quality forecasting, ambient air monitoring, GIS/Mapping, human health risk assessment, reporting and systems administration.

The recent trends in market of  pertaining to software sales include a steady migration away from desktop applications to cloud-hosted solutions with subscription based services has not hindered the functioning of Lakes Environmental Software. This company leads the market in providing clients with fully integrated cloud hosted environmental IT solutions.  Additionally, regulatory agencies and industrial clients are investing in its automated solutions as a means to reduce or completely eliminate their dependence on reoccurring consulting services.

Accomplishments and Accolades

This proud software developers and nature lovers are humble enough to express its gratitude towards the happy customers for all the appreciations received. Among many of the honors received, Lakes Environmental was awarded as the Best Environmental IT Solution Provider by the United Nations Development Program for its AQMIS Web – a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) technology. This tool was managed by the UNDP for the State of Kuwait. This company was also appreciated for winning the title of ‘Best Worldwide Scientific Paper’ in GIS (Electronic Mapping) from ESRI when competed against top universities and mapping companies.

What to Look Out For?

The future of Lakes Environmental Software is promising while the firm envisions strengthening its R&D faculty. The team at Lakes Environmental Software endeavors to improve its solutions portfolio through a research-oriented methodology. “Our business strategy in the past has allowed us to thwart competition and we intend to further extend through early adoptions of disruptive technologies such as the use of neural net processing in our air quality forecasting solutions and many others,” says Michael A. Johnson, Director of Software Development at Lakes Environmental Software.

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