Krispy Kreme gives away over 1.5 million donuts for being vaccinated

In March, Krispy Kreme, the chain donut bakery announced its promotional plan of giving away one donut per day for the rest of the year to customers who have been vaccinated against the corona virus. 

Since the announcement, the company has given away free donuts amounting up to over 1.5 million and expects the numbers to keep increasing. 

Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer at Krispy Kreme wrote in an email statement, “We’re on our way to giving away many millions of doughnuts as even more people get vaccinated. That makes us very happy!” 

The eligibility criteria for this special promotion offered by the company is that a customer is required to show proof of having been vaccinated with at least one dose of any of the vaccines; Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. 

Through this promotion, Krispy Kreme will have managed to generate quite a bit of awareness which would prove to be advantageous to them as they prepare to go public soon. The company confidentially filed IPO paper work in May. 

The chain donut bakery has been opening up more chains in additions to the already existing ones in New York City.  

Along with Krispy Kreme, a number of other companies have been using the “free giveaways” promotional scheme in relativity to people getting vaccinated. Some of these other companies are Juniors Cheesecake, Budweiser, Nathan’s Hot dogs, Krugers, etc. 

With the help of these promotions over 50% of the adult American population have been vaccinated.