Keono: Targeting the Right Customers in Real Time

The advent of digital marketing into business has changed the conventional method of how marketing was performed in the yesteryears. Advertising is one of the trickiest parts of business. In the coming days industrialists will witness more of digital marketing. The involvement of internet into business has not only changed the industry but has also changed the customers.  People involved in business, even the customers now have equal access to all the information available in the market.

This has increased the task of marketers as they want to reach out to their targeted audience. The renowned brands in the market want to hit their consumers with ads everywhere, yet consumers prefer to maintan the privacy of their data. While many marketers struggle with best data practices which often leads to data breeches and compliance issues, Keono is committed to best practices and is an expert at sending targeted messages. This multichannel digital advertising company has succeeded in delivering high quality results through digital marketing channels.

An Extension to Marketing Department

Keono is a digital marketing advertising agency specialized in introducing new customers to the best renowned brands in the global market.  It produces high-performance email and multi-channel digital marketing campaigns powered by strategic vision, innovative digital services and world-class technology. This ‘multi-channel’ digital marketing agency delivers new leads by using email, display, social and mobile digital channels.

Catalyst of Change in Keono

The innovative thought, Keono is the product of Michael Medema. Having founded the company, Michael also serves as the CEO and President. One of the biggest advantages that Keono holds is the vast pool of experienced team members it has. Michael having an experience spreading over 25 years is an expert in this sector. Under his leadership and shrewd guidance Keono has grown 1000 % in just 3 years.

When asked about the differentiating factor that sets Keono apart in the crowd, Michael commented, “We differentiate ourselves from others with our service, extensive database and simply consistent results.  Brands know when they work with Keono that we make the entire marketing program a great experience and we are doing everything possible to utilize best industry practices which ensures protection to their brand.”

Delivering Solutions Proportional to New Customers

It is no secret that any business, small or big will always and forever look for a strong customer base and try to attract more customers into their roster.  Attracting new clients or increasing the customer base is what Keono is best at.

The finest team of marketers at Keono is an expert at sending targeted messages. Inbox Delivery is one of the unique services offered by Keono. Aiming for 90% – 98% inbox delivery rate on every campaign, Keono provides creative revision tips aimed at improving the campaign delivery and performance of its clients.

Match and Deploy, the service offered by Keono offers its customers an edge in their customer outreach.  The task of sending marketing emails to the customers has been made effortless by Keono. Once the clients provide their name and postal file, the team at Keono runs the data against its vast email database which results in finding relatable matches. Once all the potential customers are shortlisted, Keono then deploys the marketing message to the respective mailing address. Keono even allows its clients to amend the messages. Since the clients are given a freehand on the messages, the clients can decide the target audience they want the message to be reached.

Choosing to stand out from the crowd, Keono has accepted a creative approach to send the messages to the customers of its clients. The expert digital team at Keono takes the responsibility of molding the message and gives it a professional look which enhances credibility.

Influencing Marketers Globally

Proudly presenting a team seasoned with years of experience, Keono has an unmatched reputation in the advertising sector. Keono has been gaining global recognition for the extraordinary digital marketing services it offers.

Gaining blind trust by the clients is what has made Keono climb the ladder of success.  When asked about the benefits gained by the clients of Keono Michael comments, “Incredible service across the company is always there.  Consistent results and flexible pricing options is other factor that attracts clients.  We also follow strict industry best practices which protects our clients’ brands.  Net, they trust us and enjoy doing business with us.”

Keono helps its clients with all advertising needs and provides solutions to all types of advertising requirements. The story of one such successful campaign was in the auto vertical. While others were marketing cars, Keono simply sold ‘more’ cars. Enjoying appreciations from clients has resulted in the global visibility of Keono. Mazada, Honda, Buick, Jaguar, Lexus, BMW and Toyota are some of the gratified clients which Keono has in its kit.

The Mantra to Success

The frontrunner of this revolutionary idea, Michael shares his thought and the mantra to success.  He quotes that, “Building the right team that shares a common vision is critical to any company. Growing a company the right way is much more important to me than simple growing revenue. Company culture is vital to the success and wellbeing of a growing team.  It’s critical for hiring talent and it also forms the foundation by which founders interact.”

A Glance at the Future Roadmap

The future of advertising budgets will continue transitions from traditional channels like print, radio and direct mail to the digital channels. This might create hurdles like compliance issues. However, Keono will continue to serve as a transition from an email only agency to a multi-channel digital agency. Adding to the statement Michael asserts, “Thus, our display and social services will continue to improve over time.  We also were 100% acquisition marketing and now we’re doing more and more retention marketing.”

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