Keith Norris: Connecting Productivity with Purpose

Call it a quirk of behavior or call it an obsession, Keith Norris is a “measurer”—he strives to define the current reality, and then find a way to improve on it. This drive to continuously improve has helped him compete as a triathlete, hockey player, as an entrepreneur.

Keith is an advocate of continuous improvement, progressive goal planning, a leader in the Culture of Productivity tribe, an author, a lifelong entrepreneur, and a proud husband and father.

He has over two decades of entrepreneurial, sales, operations, and managerial experience in the startup environment—extending to software, recruiting, event production, sales, marketing, real estate, business development, and project management.

Keith is the CEO of Complete XRM, which owns and operates several CRM, ERP, strategic planning, and productivity software and SaaS offerings, including: PlanPlus Online, Pocket Informant, KPI Fire, EBSuite, and CRMRealEstate—helping organizations and individuals align their purpose and activities.

“When you can connect what you do all day with why you do it, you generate positive energy, focus, and determination in your personal life and in your organization,” said Keith.

This alignment of purpose and work results in a “culture of productivity.” Culture evolves when a group of people gather together—so it makes sense that a culture would develop in the workplace.

A positive company culture supports work-life integration and motivates and empowers employees. A negative company culture, often result in high-turnover, low-quality work, and increased stress. Company culture shouldn’t evolve on its own—smart companies invest in building a culture of productivity.

Complete XRM helps organizations thrive by increasing alignment between the three core expressions of culture: what we think, what we say, and what we do.

“You can’t generate and sustain a culture of growth and productivity without developing leaders and leadership,” Keith said.

“For example, every new employee is the most important employees. Each person adds to the culture in their own way. It’s not important that everyone’s the same, but the recipe and combination of people is critical to success.

“At Complete XRM, we spend our time envisioning and creating productivity tools and subscription software for individual leaders and their entire organizations. But without the foundation of low tech personal-management and productivity skills, these high-tech tools seem burdensome. As a result, we not only offer advanced productivity tools we also work to instill the low-tech principles of leadership, time- and self-management, business processes, and continuous improvement. That’s where to find your real culture.”

It’s the drive to help create cultures of productivity that has motivated Complete XRM to acquire companies such as PlanPlus Online, Pocket Informant, and KPI Fire.

Keith received a Bachelor’s from Weber State in Business Administration with Marketing emphasis, and also an MBA from Weber State University where he was awarded the Goddard Scholar designation. Keith was awarded the Honors at Entrance Scholarship out of high school for exceptional GPA and ACT test scores. He also was awarded with the Goddard Scholar designation in the MBA program, a designation reserved for the top 10% of the Graduating MBA class.

Academically Keith graduated high school with a near perfect grade point average, and was in the 99% percentile for the ACT a national test administered to all high school seniors. This academic achievement earned him the Honors at Entrance Scholarship at the University of Utah. Keith transferred to Weber State University in his 2nd year to pursue another love of his, Hockey where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration/Marketing. After 10 years in professional fields, Keith went back to school and once again excelled academically. First earning a score on the Graduate School entrance exam that earned him a scholarship to Weber State University, and upon graduating he was named as a Goddard Scholar, a designation reserved for the top 10% of the graduating class.

In the real estate industry, Keith won numerous annual awards from Coldwell Banker, including the prestigious Presidential Elite and Top 1% Producer awards.

PlanPlus Online

PlanPlus originally started as a digital version of the FranklinCovey Planner in 1995 when it replaced what was then known as Ascend Software. PlanPlus evolved through various platforms including PlanPlus for Windows, PlanPlus for Outlook, and PlanPlus Online.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have used various versions of PlanPlus planning software to increase their individual levels of effectiveness.

In 2007, FranklinCovey and Complete XRM partnered to create PlanPlus Online, the first version of PlanPlus to be available on the cloud. Later, Complete XRM acquired the exclusive rights to the PlanPlus Online software business from FranklinCovey and currently operates PlanPlus Online as a separate company.

PlanPlus Online (, which is based on FranklinCovey methodology, allows you to set and track goals, prioritize, and manage projects in a proactive environment in order to help you achieve success—and had been used successfully by over 15 million people.

PlanPlus Online offers Essentials—a productivity system for individual leaders, and Professional and Business for sales professionals and small to medium-sized businesses—including the only CRM that’s Culture-Centric, meaning it’s the only CRM for companies who’re determined to make company culture a priority as they grow.

Pocket Informant

In 2016 Keith brought Fanatic Software—creators of Pocket Informant—into the Complete XRM fold.

Later that year, Pocket Informant what chosen as the Best Business & Productivity App. Previously, Mac World chose Informant 2.0 as “Best of Show” in 2011, and in 2015 as the Best Calendar App for iPhone and iPad.

Pocket Informant ( has been a leader and innovator in the mobile Calendar/Task/ Personal organizer space for almost 20 years. It has been a leading app on numerous platforms from windows mobile, android, and IOS.

Since its creation in 1997, Pocket Informant has been one of the all-time best-selling iTunes productivity apps.

KPI Fire

Newest to the Complete XRM stable is KPI Fire ( While both PlanPlus Online and Pocket Informant offer an emphasis on planning excellence, KPI Fire focuses on the measurement and execution of planned strategies by engaging and aligning workers around organizational goals and continuous improvement.

KPI Fire offers organizations a visual way to plan and monitor their progress on the path of continuous improvement and is rooted in the principles of Lean Six-Sigma.

Helping to make personal and organizational intentional choices

Whether you’re an individual leader or an organizational leader, the tools offered by Complete XRM help you identify and intentionally choose how you will spend your time, energy, and focus. Because the tools help you first identify your mission and values, then your choices are a powerful reflection of who you truly are and what you truly believe.

While goals can be a tremendous asset to any person or organization, poorly defined goals have the potential to destroy progress, kill motivation, and create attitudes and culture that are worse than they would be if the goal had never been set.

When goals are poorly defined or ambiguous, they are often viewed as irrelevant, and there is frequently a general feeling of apathy about them. Accordingly, the goal planning process can come to an abrupt end before it really even begins.

Companies with good strategy execution can accomplish virtually any objective they set a plan toward and can lead their industries in financial performance, customer satisfaction, product quality, and employee engagement.

Source :-The 20 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch 2018

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