Karsten Boehrs | Co-investor & CEO | simpleshow

Technological innovations take time to enter the growing market. For an entrepreneur, monitoring and providing the best user experience is a quest that can’t be achieved over night. Open conservations about setting goals and defining timelines for the product development, paves a creative way towards success. Besides, learning, adapting, and improving are the keys for becoming a successful CEO of an organization.

One such agile personality, having a focused vision to achieve his goals is Karsten Boehrs. While helping his children in studies, Karsten realized that education and learning processes are continually witnessing changes. His son’s passion for gaining knowledge through online videos inspired Karsten tremendously. This advent of technology in the education sector and its rapid digital transformation motivated him to become a Co-investor and CEO of simpleshow.

Karsten started his career working in the logistics and sales industry. He has an excellent experience of working at management positions with various multinationals including Axel Springer and Otto Group for over two decades. Now, in his role at simpleshow his focus is on the strategic expansion of the company’s market position through internationalization and focused technology development.

About simpleshow

simpleshow is the leading professional explainer video production with several thousands of videos produced in the global market. The company with its production team delivers services essential in creating videos and interactive eLearning courses for corporate customers in a variety of different styles and formats. With the mission to provide simple and effective explanations for everyone and anytime, the company is developing intelligent solutions for wide target groups, such as the online DIY video maker mysimpleshow.com

mysimpleshow.com offers business and enterprise plans with premium features directed across all small-scale and large-scale companies. The intelligence behind the application includes text inputs running through a semantic analysis, a natural language processing stack, and an integrated world knowledge database to produce iconic visuals. These are then arranged and animated by an intelligent layout algorithm resulting in a video, which the user can individualize, download, and share.

With offices in ten countries, the company builds on a universal and scientifically proven methodology that blends simple messages with visuals that stay in mind. Under Karsten’s guidance all of the company’s offerings follow this approach, focusing on five fundamental elements:

Context— An effective explanation, looks at the topic from the target group’s perspective, providing a context the audience can refer to.

Simplification— An effective explanation focuses on the essentials. This entails reducing the topic to its core messages and simplifying the language.

Storytelling— An effective explanation is embedded in a story, as stories help to create identification and are easy to remember.

Visualization— An effective explanation uses the power of visuals.

Multisensory— An effective explanation stimulated several senses.

A Visionary Leader

Karsten’s love for the sports made him an enthusiastic cyclist as it combines all the qualities and values mandatory for understanding the roles of a CEO. He believes, the key enablers for his achievements are passion, perseverance, strategic thinking, smartly adapting with changes, constant learning and improvement. With the vision that the people are the most valuable resources of a company he states “I always try and develop my corporate family to be the best they can be”.

An example of his leadership style that focuses on empowering others, Karsten recalled a meeting in New York, where he was really impressed meeting a young freelance creative writer. He kept supporting him throughout the years that made the writer a confident and a trusted decision-maker. Today the former concept writer co-leads the company’s 50 people operations in the US.

Besides, leading and nurturing a smart and loyal team, he states “We have so much potential to seize opportunities, tackle challenges, and grow our business”.

Under the leadership of Karsten, his team has created an online browser-based tool ‘mysimpleshow’. This tool allows its users to create their own simple explainer videos, transforming the way people communicate. The company has integrated AI into this tool, which is referred to as its ‘Explainer Engine’.

Karsten’s entrepreneurial vision is to change the world for the better. With simpleshow his idea is to revolutionize communication and learning through simple and accessible resources.

Catalyzing the Market Change

Karsten’s idea of creating learning and communication resources is changing day-by-day with the growing digitalization. simpleshow is investing time and resources into creating amazing tools, products, and content resources to catalyze to this evolving change. They are constantly improving mysimpleshow.com as a software product and establishing brand awareness to be the go-to DIY explainer video creation tool.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Karsten’s advice to new-age entrepreneurs is to stay focused. Defining the goals with agility will help them to achieve milestones. In addition to produce a business model, he adds, “Decide how your product and methodology will stand out from your competitors and make those distinctions your unique selling points”.


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