Joanne Moretti: Exemplifying Proficiency and an Unfaltering Ambition

The discipline of marketing, in its essence has been a reformatory practice since its advent. The conception of an organization’s outreach in the global market is largely aided by an immaculate marketing approach. Whether it is oriented towards product, pricing, place or promotion, marketing evidently exists in every aspect of a business.

This presence of marketing is lucidly comprehended by the CMO of an organization. Being au fait with the contemporary trends of marketing, devising all-encompassing marketing strategies with a prolific approach, and possessing the quality of delegation, aids in sculpting oneself into an ideal CMO.

One such ingenious and avid marketeer is Joanne Moretti, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Jabil Inc. After completing her software engineering studies at CDI College in Toronto, Joanne began a career in IT at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CBIC) more than 30 years ago. Since then, she has taken on increasingly complex engineering, sales and marketing leadership roles with top tech firms, including HP, Dell and CA Technologies. She has also joined the board of directors for a variety of startups, including Alteryx, now a publicly held Big Data/analytics company.

Joanne’s path to becoming the CMO of a Fortune 500 company wasn’t from an agency per se. She ascended up the ranks through software engineering, sales, product marketing and then marketing. “This path completely opened my eyes and put me in direct line of sight to customers and their real-world challenges,” Joanne expresses.

Additionally it allowed her to build one of the best skills a marketer can possess, which is the unique ability to simplify advanced technological products into solutions that solve real business problems in ways which customers can easily understand and absorb.

“What I’m going to say might sound absolutely ‘nuts’ to most marketers is: if you are in marketing and haven’t done sales, go do it for a year! That kind of learning and getting close to customers, as well as business in general, is worth its weight in gold,” advices Joanne while conveying her experience that essentially enlightened her.

Working with innovative and fast-growth organizations helped prepare for her current role as CMO at Jabil. “Leading the global marketing team at Jabil, made up of divisional CMOs, is an exciting and unique cross industry opportunity that spans not only leading-edge technologies but exposure and participation with many of the world’s largest brands,” states Joanne.

A Comprehensive Workspace

Jabil is a Product Solutions Company focused on empowering brands, which have their sights set on empowering the world. “This aim is our reason for being the guiding force that’s driving us to become the most technologically advanced in our market,” asserts Joanne. Jabil’s global reach, unique combination of expertise and ingenuity, its big data & analytics, and financial performance contributes to the success of the world’s most well-known brands.

The company’s Accelerated Innovation Solutions help customers stay relevant in a world of rapid change. This is achieved by helping clients to ideate, strategize, design, pro-type, build, and take products to market quickly, affordably and efficiently. Its Global Manufacturing solutions empower businesses with the agility needed to compete in the market while insulating them from political, environmental, supply, and/or policy uncertainty.

The Global Manufacturing solutions provided by Jabil empower businesses with the agility they need to compete in the market today while insulating them from political, environmental, supply, and/or policy uncertainty without compromising their bottom line. Jabil’s engineering product and process excellence is more than just excellent engineers. The organization’s role is to augment a customer’s expertise and resources by going beyond what is ordinary or expected from a manufacturing partner, and delivering innovative technical and production solutions.  Jabil creates a unique multi-disciplined engineering team around every customer, bringing Industry Specialists, Technical Experts and Manufacturing Process Engineers and Innovators together to deliver consistent excellence in every part of the product life cycle.

Jabil’s Supply Chain Orchestration Solutions intelligently manage and mitigate risk across the entire supply chain ecosystem with sophisticated analytics and systems that uncover new opportunities. Using its intelligent supply chain orchestration and smart procurement software an experienced team of experts monitor and proactively analyze the entire supply chain ecosystem. This increases its customers’ business agility by delivering unmatched visibility, traceability, collaboration, and risk management.

Prerequisites to Tackle Adversities

Joanne believes that the important characteristics for every CMO are the ability to understand what problems the customers are facing, how to enable them for success, and most importantly how to get attention and maintain an ongoing. “In today’s world, understanding the best mix of marketing tools for continued growth is the key. This includes how your company is utilizing digital technology,” states Joanne.

She also emphasizes on the fact that, understanding the customer also enables a deeper understanding of what innovation really means within a company and its external focus. She asserts, “Companies that don’t transform, and CMOs who don’t understand the business need for transformation, will be left behind.”

When Joanne joined Jabil in 2014 and began building the marketing team, it was a time of accelerating technological change. These changes not only impacted how the company conducted business but also how it interacted with and supported customers, many of which represent the world’s biggest and best-known brands. Historically known as the brand behind the brands, Jabil needed to clearly articulate its value proposition in the digital economy and empower our employees and business units to engage with customers in new and powerful ways.

During her second year, Joanne started embedding CMOs, into the Jabil businesses, knowing there would be strong synergies and benefits spurred from the alignment that would be created. With this model, the company’s CMOs are intimately connected to both internal and external customers, and are enabled to make the marketing decisions for their respective divisions.

The biggest challenge for Joanne was not pulling everyone into the conversation, in the process of developing marketing content, messaging, campaigns etc. which were always a big fat fail according to her. “When you get buy in from people, and you don’t have to drag 40 people in the room, I make my rounds discretely through quick text messages, quick calls, and all kinds of little fireside chats to get things moved along, and when it finally comes, people embrace it,” says Joanne.

“That’s how you avoid the failure, by talking to your peers, your customers, analysts, etc.  Don’t be arrogant to the point of not working with others. Set up customer advisory boards, internal field advisory boards, or do the informal approach I do all day long.  It’s so worth it,” she adds.

Footprints of a Torchbearer

Being a business oriented person, Joanne was asked to run one of the Jabil P&L businesses, the design firm known as Radius Innovation and Development. “It was a great learning experience and at some point, in the future I would like to run a business or take on board roles and guide others,” says Joanne while describing her future endeavors.

When asked for her guiding light of advices to the future generation of aspiring CMOs and entrepreneurs, Joanne expresses, “Organizationally, while it sounds cliché, I believe the primary skill to develop is ‘collaboration’. Every strong leader knows, a tightly integrated cross-functional team can solve just about every problem you throw at them.”

“The second critical skill is business acumen. It’s critical to know the ins & outs of the business to be a leader. Third, define and understand your customers and internal stakeholders and the problems they are facing. Fourth, build an infrastructure of talented people and technology that allows for measurement and testing of what works and celebration of success. Also, always remember that a promise made and kept is the way to build a brand, both personal and commercial,” she adds.

Additional Data of Jabil’s Regional CMOs:

Christine Forbes McDermott is the CMO at Jabil Digital Solutions and Jabil Packaging Solutions and serves as the leader for the Jabil marketing team. Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communication degree from the University of Denver. She possesses an upper hand at demand generation, strategic partnerships, and lead generation amidst an affluent list of other skills.

Michelle Saro is the CMO at Jabil Green Point. She retains 30 years of experience in technology marketing, business development and product management. She displays a forte in brand development, marketing, sales and product ideation. Michelle is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive customer and partner contact at the executive level.

Michael Kovacs is the CMO/Senior Marketing Director at Jabil’s Engineered Solutions Group. He is passionate when it comes to digital marketing, interactive strategy, branding and measurement. Michael has 15+ years of high-tech experience in publicly traded companies and agencies. Brand development/management, global agency management, corporate communications, and global public relations are some of his areas of expertise.

Anna Timms is the CMO/Marketing Director for Jabil’s Automotive & Transportation Sector under the Engineered Solutions Group. She is a strategic communications professional with 15 years of experience in global organizations. Anna is specialized in creating and implementing communications programs that support business objectives. Global social media, brand management, and communications policy are some of Anna’s specialties.

Jason Wildt is the CMO/Senior Director Strategy and Marketing for Jabil’s Enterprise & Infrastructure division. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from The University of Texas, Austin. Go-to-market Strategy, Business Alliances, and Sales Enablement are a few areas of Jason’s expertise.

Jay Osgood is the CMO/Director of Marketing for Nypro, A Jabil Company. A graduate from American University, Jay poses apex dexterity in Marketing Communications, Integrated Marketing, and devising Marketing Strategies.