Jim McNeese | President | C2XCEL

Jim McNeese: Leading with the Dynamics of Technology and Human Talent

Technology has changed our lives for the better. It is still doing that on a dynamic level. Helping us to get where we need to go, without even stepping out of the door, receiving things right in your hands, accessing information from a distance, delivering commands with a gesture and more; technology has enabled the world at our fingertips.

Technology has surely made our lifestyle easy, but the most important thing is the deployment of the right technology, may it be your home or office. Your technological needs should be suited as per your requirement where you always remain in control.

Jim McNeese, President of C2XCEL, advocates greatly about the utilization of technology to the best extent in business and provides the right guidance towards employment and deployment of the same to C2XCEL’s clients. He has been in the technology industry about 25 years. Jim’s early years in the business were spent working for different service carriers in different capacities.

I worked as support for the sales team, giving me the insights needed to understand the administrative aspects my team faces,” he says. He also worked on the sales side locating customers and selling them service (data, voice, etc.)

Personally, he prefers the sales role, as it allows him to build relationships with potential clients. “This may not be how the next guy would do it, but it has been very successful for me,” expresses Jim.

A Dynamic Leadership

When Jim closes a deal with a client, he receives a great understanding of what happens behind the scenes to get that service installed and get it functioning. This creates an atmosphere in which many perspectives allow comprehensive solutions that, in turn, allows the company to grow and expand while bringing in more talent.

As Jim has hired people he trusts, he knows that his team will get the job done and each of them are able to focus on their respective roles and responsibilities due to such approach. “I look back at my career, my previous roles and responsibilities, and know that each of them built a foundation from which I was able to start my business,” describes Jim.

After many years working for technology carriers, he realized there was a niche for him that would not only allow Jim to be his own boss but would create the ability to better assist clients in achieving their technology goals/needs. “I receive great satisfaction from helping my customers attain their goals, without being boxed in by a carrier’s limitations,” he adds. Knowing he is capable of creating and implementing a solid technology backbone by bringing the very best options to the table each and every day is his motivation.

Currently, C2XCEL’s employees work from home. This is a norm for them, not a result of the Covid-19 situation. Therefore, Jim’s job of making the work environment vibrant is not as easy as it might be if the whole team worked together in an office. “It is a challenge for me to get creative in this area,” informs Jim.

He has budgeted an amount for each employee to spend as they wish each month. They can go out to each, get a massage, order from Amazon, etc. It is 100% up to them how they spend these funds. Also, he plans a team event/outing each quarter. This ensures that they have time as a team to have fun and get to know each other on a personal level. “I am always thinking of ways to make work a better place for my employees, as I believe that is a small investment for their dedication and hard work,” confirms Jim.

An Excellent Tech-Enabler

According to Jim, remote workforce, collaboration, and security are heavy hitters in the industry. This could change at any time, which is why he loves this business. It is never dull, and no two businesses are alike. He has created a process that ensures C2XCEL’s team handle each customer as an individual project and locate and present solutions to fulfill their individual needs.

Every business requires data connectivity, which then requires security measures to protect what they have built. Also, business requires voice services, so there is really no end to how C2XCEL can assist a client. Jim is very excited for the growth C2XCEL has shown this year. Even with the pandemic, the company has grown and is looking forward to prospective expansion opportunities.

Jim believes he has created a positive and happy atmosphere for his employees. “I trust them and know they work hard every day,” states Jim. He wants to continue in this trajectory and have a team that will help one another expand within the industry, which will ensure growth for C2XCEL. It is a delicate balance, but when it is balanced, C2XCEL works as a finely tuned machine.

Talking about the essentials of being a good business leader, he thinks that the development of the business and the entrepreneur depends upon the business venture; however, hiring the right people and knowing one’s limitations will help guarantee a successful business. Jim is of the opinion that without the right people to support the initiatives, projects/products will not be completed on time, or not at the best quality.

Every business needs to understand their market, their abilities and make sure they can always support every opportunity. “I would not recommend taking business for the sake of taking business, if the finished product leaves the client underwhelmed. Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” he opines.

An Expert Advice

Younger people have had the advantage of growing up with technology in every aspect of their lives. This does allow such individuals to enter the industry with a lower learning curve, but they face challenges that Jim and his contemporaries did not face. This is still very much a people and networking industry.

If someone is not able to communicate effectively in face to face meetings or network effectively, they will find it extremely difficult to be successful because most of the CIOs, CEOs, and IT Directors/Managers are from the prior generations and do not like communicating via text, chat, and email for the higher level deliverables. In many instances face to face meetings are the only way to accomplish the goals and close a deal. “My advice would be making a change in your communication style that will enable you to seek and have successful face to face communications,” Jim elaborates.

They must separate themselves from the competition, which is very challenging, but doing so will elevate the business without much effort, allowing the business owner to focus on the business,” he further adds. Of course, opening and running a business, of any type takes a huge amount of time and effort, so hiring the right people is key. It is also very important to know when to say ‘No’, although it becomes very tough to turn business away. “Unless you are able to WOW the customer with the finished product, it is better to decline,” concludes Jim.